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Category: Vegetarian catering

vegan thanksgiving squash soup

How To Make Vegan-Friendly Dishes For Thanksgiving Dinner

Mushroom Wellington Mushroom Wellington is a vegan twist on a traditional British dish known as “Beef Wellington”, it’s a casserole bake, basically. One usually bakes beef in the middle of a pastry wrap, covering the beef with all sorts of spices and sauces and the like before covering the dish in pastry and baking it in the oven. Mushroom Wellington essentially does the same thing, but with mushrooms as opposed to steak, use Portobello mushrooms for best results, layered with spinach and cooked on a…

5 Vegetarian Options to Have at Your Catered Event That Everyone Can Enjoy

Planning any kind of event is usually an overwhelming and time-consuming task. You want to ensure that everything goes according to plan and all details are considered. To avoid a lot of stress when planning your event, you need to consider hiring a professional catering company. The reason behind this is that they have all the required skills, experience, and expertise to prepare and serve the right meals for your guest. When working together with your caterer to come up with a good menu for…