BBQ Side Dishes for the Summer Of 2024

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Side dishes are very crucial irrespective of what you are preparing for your summer cookout in 2024.

A plethora of sides is necessary to cater to all the hungry people whenever you are throwing a barbecue.

However, even though it might appear like a very simple and rudimentary task, it is not that basic as a lot of prior planning, consideration, decision-making and input is required before settling for the best side dishes, as there are a myriad of available choices.

Choosing the best savory and delectable side dishes can help to take the barbecue experience a notch higher and this requires a proper guideline to ensure that all invited guests enjoy your next backyard barbecue or well-organized picnic.

BBQ dishes to use this summer

This article will therefore highlight the best BBQ side dishes for the summer of 2024. 


It provides a very different and invigorating chomp in stark contrast to the flavorsome richness associated with barbecue meats. The main ingredient is cabbage properly shredded and ideally purple or green to make it more colorful. The other ingredient is grated carrots coupled with some good dressing entailing salt, vinegar, pepper, sugar and some mayonnaise. The taste of the dressing and its sweetness can be easily manipulated to suit your preference and many experts recommend that this side dish be prepared early to ensure that the flavors do consolidate and fuse appropriately.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

This side dish is the proper exemplification of summer. Corn is very sweet and this is amplified more after the actual grilling as the smoke only culminates in the accentuation of its flavor. Ample preparation is done prior to the grilling by poking out the husk, silk removal and the eventual covering of the corn again with the husks. This is purposefully done to ensure that the corn is steamed and cooked accordingly. After grilling, the corn is smeared with butter preferably flavored and this is attained by adding herbs. These can be like cilantro and parsley to the softened butter and mixed thoroughly whilst also adding some salt.

Baked Beans

This is a side dish that is predominantly common is many summer barbecues due to its saccharine, smoky and tangy flavor. One has the option of using canned or dried beans, and they should be cooked slowly and devoid of haste to ensure that the flavors merge and blend properly. The beans should be combined with garlic, mustard, salt pork or bacon and some zing added using pepper and salt before baking the same in the oven. Some people prefer the baked beans slightly acidic or just sweet and this can be regulated using brown sugar and vinegar.

Pasta Salad

This is a very flexible dish, which can be tailor-made using your most preferred vegetables and dressings. Tricolor pasta is the most ideal as it improves the overall aesthetic appeal of the side dish, and it should be cooked until it is hard enough to be still when bitten. Once cooked, you can proceed to mix the same with cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, diced black olives, red onions and some mozzarella cubes. Some Italian dressing follows this. It is made using olive oil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, mustard and garlic. Finally, the pasta salad should be chilled to ensure that the flavors blend and mix correctly.

Classic Potato Salad

This is a very popular side dish at every barbecue attributed to its thick texture and sharp-flavored elements. In the aforementioned texture lies the secret to a proper classic potato salad hence it should be carefully observed. This is combined with the use of just the right amount of ingredients and potatoes, which can hold their own even after boiling. An example is using red potatoes, which should be sliced into tiny bit pieces for simpler munching. Dressing is also integral in the making of this salad and this should be done using salt, pepper and vinegar. More so, mayonnaise and mustard can also suffice coupled with the inclusion of red onions to add a dash of crunch and flavor. Some people also go the extra mile to add boiled eggs and some sweet pickle for some more relish.

Summer BBQs are meant to be for some great recipes and phenomenal company with people outside the house. As many are accustomed to the norm in every barbecue, summer 2024 should be an exception with the help of these great BBQ side dishes, which are colorful, flavorful, and have some great texture. These side dishes listed herein will therefore elevate your BBQ affair, and you are certain that all your guests will be impressed in this memorable summer of 2024.