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DRJ’s BBQ Catering, like all of our catering services is about so much more than just the food. It is about our customers experience while enjoying our award winning BBQ. Every event will receive the same excellent service, food preparation, delivery and continuous service with a smile. Our BBQ is, however, tremendous! We have been preparing and serving our BBQ since 1993 and we show no signs of slowing down. Our BBQ has been served all over the United States and if you don’t book us for a party soon, you can always keep track of our contributions throughout New Jersey to sample our delicous recipies. Stop by and say hello!

A common theme about our catering services is that an owner is always present. This drastically reduces the possibility of anything going awry and quickly will resolve any problems should they pop up. We never over book, so you can be sure that your event is a priority to us and at your BBQ we are 100% focused on you and your guests.


We have won may awards throughout New Jersey. Some examples are Best Pork, Best Chicken and Best ribs multiple years at the Monmouth Park BBQ and Craft Beer Festival that takes place every Labor Day Weekend. We have also won Best in Show (Beef Ribs) at the Allaire State Park BBQ and Beer festival. Additionally we have won many people choice awards at various events as well as having our pig roasts featured in the NY Times.


These cook anywhere from 6-18 hours at a low temperature so the meat does not dry out. We do not smoke these at all generally but can on request as we feel the whole hogs really do not need any smoke flavor to them and just let the meat speak for itself.

Pulled Pork

We serve smoked Pork Butts which come from the upper part of the shoulder of the front leg of the pig. We rub them generously with our secret rub and then smoke them for 12 hours, low and slow using hickory wood. Once done the meat just falls off the bone and this is how we serve it “naked” – we bring our many sauces and rubs and you choose how you want to eat it, whether plain or with sauce.


We smoke our briskets for 14 hours using Oak, this is typically how they do it in Texas. We season with only salt and pepper to allow the beef to speak for itself and like the pork we serve just the meat and do not sauce it but again we bring all the different sauces and rubs and you can do with it as you please.


We use a St Louis Style cut which has more meat on it and is more uniform then the typical baby back ribs which can be lacking of meat at times . We dry rub our ribs and smoke them using Apple and Pear wood for about 3 hours and then serve them as is allowing you to sauce if you would like.


We smoke Legs, thighs or wings generally as they produce a much better finished product then using breast as they do not dry out and hold the smoke much better. We dry rub the chicken and smoke over a combination of oak and apple.

Sausage Links

We usually do pork links but can also do beef if you would like. We use Oak wood when we smoke sausages.


We make many of our own BBQ sauces and are proud of say they are DELICIOUS! All of our BBQ sauces are tested by the most important critics we know… Our customers! Our sauces have many unique traits but they all have been made with great care and emotion. If a sauce is good, it simply does not make the cut. Only when it is perfect do we release it to the public as delivering the best is what we strive for.

We make a Carolina Style mustard and vinegar based BBQ sauce, a Kansas City Style traditional BBQ Sauce, a Mississippi Sweet BBQ Sauce and our most recent addition is a Ancho Fig Chile BBQ sauce which is both a little spicy and a little Sweet. The Ancho Fig Chile is now our most popular (and the owners personal favorite). Try one or all of them at your next event.

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Every event is different and every customer is unique. The bottom line for us is that you come first. Now, depending on the time of year and the day of the week that you would like your BBQ, we do have some basic pricing worked out in advance. However, the time of the party, location of the event, and other unique requests or circumstances are all factors that can contribute to pricing adjustments. We do not have a person minimum to come out. In other words, we don’t base our pricing on the number of attendees. If you want us to come out and cook a special dinner just for two or if you have 200 guests we will be glad to accommodate you.


We generally will arrive 2 hours before your BBQ to set things up and prepare for your guests to arrive. Once setup is complete and it is time to serve, we will serve your guest at either table side or buffet service depending on which you selected. When everyone is done eating we will wrap up any leftovers and refrigerate them for you to have at a later time. At this point you can have us stay until the last guest leaves or if you want to continue partying the night away, we will quietly pack up and leave with our sincere best wishes.


No off premise caterer in New Jersey can provide alcohol as liquor licenses are not portable in the Garden State. However, we will gladly provide bartenders and advise you as to what you may need for bar setup.


We will try and accommodate any last minute parties you may have. You may have to be flexible with the day or the time but we can generally work something out for you last minute needs.


We will stay as long as you want us to but generally we serve an hour of appetizers, an hour and a half of the main meal and then dessert. Most parties last on average 6-10 hours depending on service required.


We do have a booking fee which is 15% of the food and the tax in order to secure the date. When you give us the final number 10 days prior to the event we will send you an invoice and the balance is due 7 days prior if using a check or credit card or the day of the event if you want to pay cash before we setup. Unfortunately since we only do a maximum of 2 events per day and we are generally completely booked, we cannot offer any rain dates. Just note that we are prepared to cook rain or shine. In the event of a cancellation prior to the final number being given you will unfortunately forfeit your booking fee.

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