Catering to a business for a special event or in-house to employees is a great way for a business to show its appreciation for others and truly bond and cement relationships for the long term. We understand that when serving food and breaking bread with others that the quality of food is very important and it is critical that the food and corporate catering service showcase the value of those relationships. In order to make sure this is the case, we cater to your business associates and employees the same we would would our own family.

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We treat every business the same whether a large global company or a local small business owner like us. Every event is special to DRJ Catering.

Regardless of the size of your corporate catered event, DRJ’s primary goal is to make sure everyone is satisfied. Small business meetings and gatherings are just as important as large corporate events to us and we will accommodate both. Whatever your requirements are, we will meet them. We also undestand corporate events are different then an event at your house so we will work within any perameters you may have. Special requests are welcome! We can do multiple services for different shifts and even box up meals if you have overnight shifts. We give discounts for week day events which works perfectly for corporate catered events as most of these are during the week. If you need any other special accommodations please ask and we will gladly take care of it for you.


We will provide you with everything needed to eat whatever we provide you. No extra charges for plates, forks, knives, grills, Chafing racks etc. Whatever is needed to make your event trouble free is included. We also do not have any hidden fees or extra service charges, like auto gratuities onto your bill. We trust our customers to do that that on their own but we don’t like to dictate mandatory fees and charges.


No off premise caterer in New Jersey can provide alcohol as liquor licenses are not portable in the Garden State. However, we will gladly provide bartenders and advise you as to what you may need for bar setup.


We will try and accommodate any last minute parties you may have. You may have to be flexible with the day or the time but we can generally work something out for you last minute needs.


We will stay as long as you want us to but generally we serve an hour of appetizers, an hour and a half of the main meal and then dessert. Most parties last on average 6-10 hours depending on service required.


We do have a booking fee which is 15% of the food and the tax in order to secure the date. When you give us the final number 10 days prior to the event we will send you an invoice and the balance is due 7 days prior if using a check or credit card or the day of the event if you want to pay cash before we setup. Unfortunately since we only do a maximum of 2 events per day and we are generally completely booked, we cannot offer.

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