The Best Foods For Halloween 2021

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Halloween is right around the corner. It is time to start planning the costumes and parties your family is going to throw this season. Whether it is candy you want to hand out to trick-or-treaters or a dish you need to bring to a Halloween party, you may be wondering what Halloween-related foods you can prepare beforehand.


Kids (and even adults) tend to eat excessive amounts of candy during Halloween. Whether you’re trying to hoard as many varieties as possible or if you’re looking for something different to hand out, here are a few select candies you can purchase or prepare.

Minions Halloween Candy Corn – This is the classic candy corn but made with fruity flavors such as banana and blueberry

Halloween monster hamburgers on a paddle board against an old wood
  • Kit Kat Witch’s Brew – Each wafer is made from green-colored chocolate and tastes like marshmallows.
  • Skittles – Shriekers – These fun-sized bags come with an additional surprise. It is the usual bag of skittles but with two that are specifically sour.
  • Gummy candy body parts – This is a bag of gummies shaped like bloody human body parts.
  • Hershey’s vampire kisses – They are the classic Hershey’s chocolate but with a surprise strawberry filling inside.


If you’re trying to pull off a deliciously scary dinner for your family, then here are some ideas you can try to add to the fun:

  • Ghostly pizza – You can make a classic cheesy pizza for the kids with the cheese in the shape of ghosts. Other condiments and toppings can be added to create a spooky look.
  • Chicken pot pie – A pot pie is a traditional comfort food that many of us enjoy each year. You can add a twist to the recipe by shaping the pie in a spooky manner such as a face or hand.
  • Pigs in blankets – Sausages wrapped in pastry is a timeless food we all enjoy. To make it Halloween-themed, you can add two dots to the top of the sausage poking out.
  • Monster burgers – You can’t go wrong with a burger! Add to the festivities by attaching eyeballs to the top or making it ooze sauce from all sides.
  • Black pasta – You can use squid ink to safely make your normal pasta dish but with a scary and unsettling twist to it.
  • Pig Roast – You simply can’t go past a freshly cooked pigroast that’s been cooking right before your eyes (and better yet, has been prepared by someone else!)


Sweets are a big part of Halloween and you cannot end the day without some terrifying desserts!

  • Bloody red velvet cake – The color red can make any dessert pop. Turn this classic into a scary blood-filled treat!
  • Witch hat cupcakes – Cupcakes are very versatile and you can add almost any decoration on the top.
  • Dracula cookies – You can use cookies, small marshmallows, and red coloring to re-create Dracula’s teeth.
  • Candy Corn Cookies – These are soft, sweet cookies made from candy corn. If you prefer to use other candies, you can substitute them instead and still get a great tasting cookie!
  • Wormy treats – Using worm gummies is a fun way to liven up some candy. Fill a small cup with chocolate pudding and add a few gummy worms on the top.

Which one’s going to be your favorite food this Halloween? If you’re stuck choosing, why not let DJR Catering do the work for you? We offer a huge variety of packages – we’ll prepare the food, cook it all, serve it if required, and even clean up after we’re done. Get in touch today to find out more!

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