Valentine’s Day Catering Ideas

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Valentine’s is a great day to spend with your significant other. Apart from the roses, flowers, and nice sweet gifts, it makes an amazing day to enjoy some good food, for either lunch or dinner. Deciding on the best foods and drinks to mark your love can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, it does make a lot of sense to research some good ideas to consider on this day. This article gives a list of cuisines that you can try out.

Main Course Dinner Ideas

You should end this special day of love in style and what is a better way to do this than to indulge in some good food in the evening? For the main course, there are some amazing options to consider. This part of the article gives some ideas to consider.

Filet Mignon with Some Red Wine

Let us cater your Valentine’s Day celebration!

It is a written rule that you can never go wrong with steak. Filet mignon is one such type of steak that will truly make your special day with your loved one. It should be cooked to perfection and then paired with other ingredients such as creamy polenta and mashed potatoes. Adding some red wine into the mix will surely make for a lasting experience.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken is yet another dish that can truly make your day one to remember. You can prepare some flavorful and stuffed chicken breasts and combine them with other ingredients like mushrooms, brie, or spinach to achieve a more delicious food.

Grilled Salmon

If you are more into seafood, then salmon should be your go-to meal. You can prepare grilled salmon and combine it with a sauce made from fresh dill, lemon juice, and sour cream. Grilled salmon can go with other sides like garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.

Heart-Shaped Foods

The shape of a heart is a symbol of love. What better way to treat your loved one than indulging in some scrumptious foods that have the shape of a heart on them? Some examples you may want to consider include heart-shaped sandwiches, pizzas, pancakes, and cookies. If you are looking for an even more delightful experience, consider going for heart-shaped sushi rolls. You could even add vegetables to infuse those feelings of joy and warmth.

Chocolate-Laced Treats

Add some sweetness to your sweet love using chocolate-laced treats. You could prepare some homemade treats such as strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate truffles that are dusted with cocoa butter, or some chocolate-baked cookies. You could also dip other treats like marshmallows, fruits, and almonds to get that embodiment of romance and affection.

Savory Desserts


You cannot call it a romantic day without including some good cocktails into the mix. Elevate the overall experience by starting the evening with the classic champagne cocktail. This or some red wine goes incredibly well with the main course. You could even decide to go for a red berry mojito cocktail that combines other things such as raspberries, strawberries, some rum, or soda. Instead of these, you may also opt for strawberry-infused vodka or pomegranate margarita. If you are looking for an herbal feel, you can decide to go with cucumber and basil gin fizz.

Picnic Food Ideas

Instead of dinner, you may instead decide to go for a picnic lunch date with your special person. When it comes to catering for this, things do not have to be as complicated as when going for dinner. Light meals should work out great. You can have some options such as cured meats, artisanal cheese, and crusty bread. Gourmet sandwiches in combination with brie or bagels could also work quite amazingly.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Catering Service for Valentine’s Day

As you have seen, there are numerous options to consider when it comes to meals and drinks for the day of love. However, as you might already know, preparing food can be quite tasking. This is why you may want to involve the services of professionals to help you out. This can work out great if you are a group of couples and want to spend this special day together.

Valentine’s is the day to show some good love to those that you care about. Since food is the key to the heart, you can make use of it to make this day quite memorable for you and your loved ones. You can decide to make the food yourselves or get a professional caterer to do the meal preparation for you. Working with experts is much easier since all you need to do is provide your desired dish and leave the rest to them.