Corporate Events: What to Look for in a Caterer

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If you’re a hiring manager or HR specialist at a successful business, what do you look for in a new team member? The answer probably depends on the nature of your business – but there are also universal qualities that business people generally look for and appreciate. Professionalism, punctuality, and strong work ethic are three examples.

When you seek the services of a caterer to make your business event come alive, it’s certainly not the same thing as hiring someone to work for your company full-time – but the same positive qualities are still important. Your choice of caterer can have a direct impact on how people will perceive the overall success and tone of the event. Depending on the nature of the event, the quality of the catering could even have an impact on your reputation as a professional.

So what else should you look for when hiring a caterer for your corporate event? Are there any specific traits that would help you identify the most capable and successful corporate catering experts out there?


This is a big one. Any experienced caterer will tell you that learning the tricks of the trade was a process that had to be refined over a number of years. You can’t simply start a catering business and immediately understand all the various complexities that can arise, and how to deal with them. Sometimes, as with any trade or professional, you have to “fail” your way to success. The thing is, you don’t want a caterer learning valuable lessons on your time. You want a caterer that has honed their skills, and knows how to avoid common pitfalls.


More needs to be said about the equipment catering companies bring to events. In some cases, old and tired equipment is used, and although it may still be functional, it has a negative impact on the professionalism at your event. Don’t be afraid to ask potential caterers for descriptions and photos of the actual equipment that will be used at your event. The more you know, the lesser the chances that you’ll be unpleasantly surprised on the day of the event.


As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. When it comes to corporate catering, the reviews of past clients speak volumes. A consistent pattern of glowing reviews and high ratings (4 and 5 star ratings) is a signal of success, professionalism, and organized catering protocols. A pattern of mediocre-to-negative reviews is a sure sign that you should put your corporate event in the hands of someone more capable.

Ensuring success for your corporate event

There really aren’t any catered events where quality and service are less important – but let’s face it, corporate events can be particularly stressful. Making decisions that are agreeable to everyone may seem like a difficult task at first, but this is where the guiding hand of an experienced caterer becomes indispensable. It’s not necessary to make all of these event-planning decisions on your own. Find a caterer with a proven track record at corporate events and leverage their experience – it will make your corporate catered event, from the planning stages to the big day itself, far more efficient and effective.