COVID-19 Catering Safety Precautions

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catering safety during covid

Coronavirus has affected every person and every business in the world. Stringent attention and adherence to public health guidelines is now commonplace in every industry and the food service industry in particular has implemented many safeguards. We at DJR Catering are no different. As we provide a culinary service and interact with the public, we must and do maintain our own health as a company, from the top-down.

You, as our customers, expect and demand that we only go to work when we’re healthy and implement all of the necessary public health guidelines whilst at work. Here are some of the safety precautions that the catering industry and DJR Catering in particular are taking.

Constant Mask Wearing While Serving

This should come as no surprise to anybody, given that everyone is doing it – but our staff is instructed to be wearing their mask at all times when serving food and when coming into general contact with our customers. Given that we are handling your food, it is critical that we do this with the utmost care and respect for the current situation – mask wearing is a critical part of infectious disease control and we’ll be wearing our masks and encourage you to do the same.

Regular Employee Temperature Checks

If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that almost nobody is immune to COVID-19, and that’s why our employees get their temperatures taken every 6 hours on the job, and each morning before they start work. This is standard practice across almost every workplace in the country at the moment, and rightly so. If an employee has a high temperature, along with one other COVID-19 symptom, they are sent home to rest. We regularly check up on the health of all of our employees.

ServSafe Certification

We also ensure that every single member of our catering staff is ServSafe Certified. This certification, accredited through the National Restaurants Association, allows us to serve you food safely.  ServSafe trains all of our employees in proper food handling, serving, and cleaning of the space following our services, in order to protect you and us.

Constant Disinfection

Another of our protocols is to disinfect our space every hour. This means that we’ll be constantly sanitizing the tools that we use to serve you We ensure that all of our cooking surfaces and items have been thoroughly disinfected after each use and before each day begins.

These are just some of our efforts to protect you and ourselves from COVID-19. We look forward to a day when we can return to normal, with no masks as we did before. The day when you can see our faces and our smiles as you enjoy our dishes. We know you long for such a day too. Stay safe, everyone.