How to Find a Good Caterer for Your Child’s Graduation Party

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One of the most exciting things about Spring is that kids are graduating. They’ve put in the hard work, they’ve done the time, and now it’s time to celebrate the fruits of their labor. Whether it’s high school, university, or any number of professional trade schools or certifications, this is a big moment. It represents an entry into the next chapter of life, and it deserves commemoration!

The graduation party or “open house” is one of the most common ways to celebrate this milestone, and people usually offer food and drink as part of the event. In fact, the event (like any party) often centers around eating and drinking. But if you have dozens or hundreds of people showing up at your house, or some other venue you’ve book, how do you take care of these vital needs, and do your child justice with a fun celebration?

This is where professional catering comes in. There are plenty of graduation parties where families and friends handle the food themselves, and some of these work out very well for guests – but the situation is invariably stressful for the family. Bringing in a pro caterer not only elevates the quality of the food and drink at your event – it can significantly reduce the stress involved during the planning phase, and can allow family members to spend more time enjoying the good vibes.

Two different companies might charge you the exact same price to cater a graduation for, say, 200 guests. However, the results may be very different between the two. The reality is that catering companies come in all shapes, sizes, and reputations. Whether or not your party will have the highest degree of catering professionalism will depend on which company you decide to hire.

The best caterers in your area will have accumulated high review scores on Yelp, Google and similar platforms. That’s because graduation parties and other special events are important to people, and when a caterer helps those events to live up to their full potential, people have a huge degree of appreciation. On the other hand, if the caterer’s service left a lot to be desired, and had a negative effect on the graduation party, people are going to let the world know about their concerns through online reviews.

Also check for years of experience, and don’t be afraid to ask for specific examples of graduation parties that each caterer might have serviced in the past. This gives you a clearer sense of which caterer is right for your event.

Who to trust for your graduation open house

Your child is special, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. How are you and your guests going to remember it? Professional catering is a huge asset for graduation open houses, but it’s important to find a company that really knows its stuff. Otherwise you could end up paying a premium and reaping none of the benefits. Look for catering companies that have earned high ratings on their communities, and glowing reviews on social media channels. That’s a good place to start!