What Can You Serve Guests at a Lunch Meeting?

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It can be such an overwhelming task to serve guests at a lunch meeting since you have to balance between dietary requirements, budget constraints and trying to satisfy diverse tastes across a large group of people. You can take out all the guesswork from your menu planning by using expert tips from experienced corporate caterers to determine what works best for your luncheon and how much food you need to order. You can inspire positivity and productivity in the boardroom once you have an idea of what to offer your guests and how to present food on the table. This article looks at several food options that you can serve your guests at a lunch meeting.

  • Finger Foods and Platters

Finger foods and platters that have been displayed beautifully in the boardroom can keep everyone satisfied all day long. Some food options you can go with include rice paper rolls and mini sandwiches, fresh cheese and crackers, veggies skewers and grilled meat, and some flaky pastries for good measure. The good thing about serving finger foods and platters at a lunch meeting is that there is always enough food to go around. Finger foods are often appealing to any crowd as long as you have accommodated the needs of vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free guests.

  • Box Lunches

If you want your guests to be focused on the objective of the meeting then consider serving them with box lunches. Sandwiches are one of the most popularly selected items but wraps could also be an acceptable choice. It is important to offer a variety of foods when selecting box lunches for attendees along with desserts and gluten-free bread. Some favorite options include vegetarian sandwiches, ham, roast beef, and turkey together with condiments.

  • Themed American and Ethnic Buffets

You can also offer different themed food options for lunch such as American, Italian, Asian dishes and many more. These make it easier for the food selection to be incorporated into the overall theme of your event. For instance, popular themes include a variety of entrees, appetizers and dessert options related to different themed buffets. Burgers and fries are ideal for an American themed buffet while Italian food selection may include pizza, pasta, and Tuscan style chicken. Stir-fries, spring rolls, noodles, and rice dishes make up an Asian themed buffet while the Southwest food selection may include fajita and tacos stations.

  • Beverages

It is very important to offer a variety of drinks for your guests to accompany their meal regardless of the type of foods selected. Event coordinators should request specific water flavors and brands in addition to basic bottled water given the increased popularity of different energy drinks, vitamin waters, and flavored waters. You can create a custom request from your supplier to secure these products and should only be charged based on how they are consumed. Other ideal options include assorted bottled juices, diet, and regular soft drinks, decaffeinated coffee, and tea. It is rare for alcohol to be served at a lunch event but may be included in some cases depending on the formality of the meeting.

  • Mix of Salads

Any corporate lunch function can be completed with an array of fresh, colorful and nutritious salads. You can always start with traditional favorites such as a Caesar salad, and a creamy potato salad. Roast pumpkin and Asian chicken salad are contemporary salads with vibrant color, soft texture, and sweet taste that are perfect for a salad topping. A few salad options that may be appealing to your guests include roast pumpkin with baby spinach salad, feta, and pine nuts or chickpeas, sweet chili, and coriander dressing salad.

How to Run Your First Lunch Meeting

Many successful meetings usually happen over a delicious meal at one of your favorite local restaurants. However, dining while making deals comes with its challenges as well. It is important to check the location and arrive early to ensure everything is in place. The meeting discussion can be planned in courses and stick to social topics on what needs to be done or improved. Be intentional about note taking since you do not want guests to take notes while eating.

Food is an essential component of a corporate lunch meeting as it keeps your guests energized and nourished throughout the day. The key is to go slow and low with a healthy office lunch since some people will mind what they eat or what is good for their health. It is important to serve a variety of dishes as it allows your guests to choose what they like best depending on their tastes and preferences.