3 Common Mistakes Made By Catering Companies

No catering company is perfect; that’s an absolute fact. Even the most reputable caterer makes mistakes from time to time — and due to the nature of catering, mistakes are often very frustrating. What makes a company reputable (or not) is whether or not they learn from their mistakes. That’s the difference between an experienced, highly professional caterer and one that continues to cause problems for clients throughout the year.

If you’re researching caterers for your event, you’re obviously going to be focused on finding someone reputable who will confidently deliver on every one of their promises. But you’re also going to be focused on what could go wrong — and what the solutions will be. If we take time to understand some of the most common mistakes made by catering companies, we’ll be able to ask questions and take measures that prevent such mistakes — and provide contingency plans in case something does go wrong.

1. Not maintaining professional standards of cooking, serving and sanitation

Too many catering companies hire employees with little-to-no professional experience, put them through a few days of training, and send them out to work on a job. More often than not, it’s you (the client) who ends up paying the price for this. It’s a good idea to ask your caterer who exactly while be working at your event, and what kind of experience and training they have.

2. Not using the highest quality ingredients

Some caterers try to cut their own costs by cutting the quality of food and beverages for your event. Not only is this dishonest, it puts the success of your catered event in jeopardy. It’s always better to pay a little more than to end up with mishaps and problems due to the ‘questionable’ catering company you hired. With a trustworthy catering partner, what you discuss and agree upon is exactly what will end up on your table. Good caterers only want to use the best quality ingredients, as they want to strengthen their own reputations and win repeat business.

3. Not sending enough staff to the event

One of the most common complaints against catering companies is that they overbook themselves, and stretch their resources too thin. Statistically, this is more likely to happen on weekends, when caterers are likely to have a number of events going on. As a result, they understaff certain events and effectively “short change” those clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than a party or event that’s in full swing, yet the short-handed staff can’t keep up. A reputable caterer will always make sure your event has more than enough trained and experienced staff to keep things going strong from start to finish.

Isn’t it easier to find a company that simply doesn’t make mistakes?

That could be difficult, since catering is business with so many different variables. Everything from the turnout to the weather can significantly impact catered events, and there’s very little guarantee that nothing at all will go wrong. But if your event is in the hands of a reputable and experience caterer, there’s every chance that unexpected twists and turns will be dealt with professionally and admirably, using professional solutions based on years of experience. Aim for the most reputable company you can find. Do that, and the odds of your event being negatively affected by common mistakes will be virtually non-existent. Choose your caterer wisely, and good luck with your event!

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