Planning an Event? Consider These 4 Barbeque Styles

Summer’s just around the corner — and that means parties, events, gatherings. It means having friends over and enjoying the great outdoors. Summer means BBQ! Obviously, many BBQs are informal backyard events with just a few guests. But there are many occasions (graduations, weddings, corporate picnics, the list goes on) where the stakes are considerably higher.

If you decide to host a catered summer BBQ, you should be able to look forward to the big day with anticipation. That means finding a really reputable caterer who delivers on time and as promised, and helps make your event a total hit with guests.

But even when you find the perfect caterer, you’ll have to choose what style of BBQ you want. Here are four of the most popular catered BBQ styles.

1. Southern Style

Southerners will tell you they’re style of BBQ is the absolute best, and when it comes down to it, they make a pretty good case. Baby back ribs are probably first on the list, but Southern style includes a nice variety of mains, including beef brisket, smoked turkey legs, chickens and sausages, and pulled pork. The sauces and marinades are what really make the flavors special. Popular sides include mac and cheese, baked beans, sweet potato fries, and other classics. If you find a caterer that really knows how to do a Southern style BBQ, your guests are in for a treat. Great for summer parties.

2. Hawaiian Luau

Even if you’ve never been anywhere near Hawaii, you’ve got to love a Hawaiian style pig roast. Whole roast pigs garnished with super fresh pineapple and other tropical fruits is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach, and if the pig has truly been prepared and slow-roasted in the traditional Hawaiian style (by someone who knows what they’re doing), the flavor can be off the charts. Sides tend to be lighter, including coconut rice and steamed green vegetables. The desserts can also be a great aspect of this style, as cakes and ice creams can be flavored with chocolate, coconuts, macadamia, and other Hawaiian-themed ingredients.

3. Traditional

When it comes to eating, it doesn’t get more American than a classic or “traditional” BBQ. This includes any of your favorite mains on the grill — burgers, dogs, brats, veggie burgers, steaks, high quality cuts of fish, shrimp, wings, ribs, and the list goes on. When guests at a party have a choice like this, they’re rarely going to walk away disappointed. Classic sides include marinated fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, lemony coleslaw, potato and pasta salads, fresh vegetable sides, corn on the cob, beans and fries, and many other choices. Throw in some cookies, brownies and fresh fruit for dessert and you have a crowd pleaser on your hands.

4. Whole Pig Roast

Not only are there various methods for roasting a whole pig, there are various distinct presentations that people love. One thing’s for sure: To properly handle a whole pig roast, the preparation comes first. If a catering company knows how to roast a whole pig to perfection, the presentation will simply enhance the amazing flavor. Whole pig roasts are definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser and have a lot of people to feed. They also create a highly festive atmosphere.

Quality over anything else

The first order of business is to make sure your caterer uses the highest quality ingredients — especially things like meat, fish, or whole roast pigs. You don’t want any corner cutting at your event. Next, you need a caterer who has excellent technique and years of experience. Find all these things in a caterer, and your next Summer BBQ should be a smash hit!