3 Reasons to Consider Action Stations for Your Catered Event

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When you think back to the catered events you’ve attended in the past, one or two of them might stand out in your memory. Hopefully this is for good reasons and not negative ones. When you think of the best catered events you’ve attended, what comes to mind? For many people “action stations” is part of the answer.

But what exactly is an action station? Let’s clear that up before we talk about why you should consider them for your event. Action stations are basically “stations” at your event that are staffed by one or more professionals. At these stations, specialty food items are cooked, carved or assembled “to order” for each individual guest. You’ve probably seen action stations at catered events you’ve attended, or at hotel buffets. Some examples include omelet stations, pasta stations, carving stations (roast beef, turkey, salmon, etc.), ice cream stations, baked potato stations, and many more.

1. They’re interactive

One of the great things about action stations is that they allow your guests to feel more like participants in the meal. The ability to approach a professional and place a custom order – whether it’s a crepe with your perfect fillings, or a freshly carved piece of light or dark meat – is an interactive experience. It can make the experience a lot more special!

2. The keep things fresh

Action stations are away to preserve the freshness of many different foods, since these foods are cooked “to order.” Eggs, crepes, pasta and Asian “wok” stations are great examples. Guests know they are getting an absolutely fresh serving of good, since they can see it being prepared right before their eyes.

3. They can highlight themes and seasons

There’s no better way to highlight seasonal foods, or to highlight a particular theme for an event (such as a roast pig carving station at a Hawaiian-style event) than to incorporate action stations. For example, a graduation celebration might have a vibrant, fully stocked ice-cream action station where people can order sundaes, cones, or even ice-cream filled crepes. If your party has a particular theme, ask your caterer what kind of action stations could add flavor and character to the event.

There are so many action stations to choose from

Other examples of action stations include seafood stations, oyster bars, sushi bars (these are particular popular at the moment), Mexican food stations (tacos, burritos, etc.), cannoli stations, and coffee/cappuccino stations with a qualified barista. Any of these can elevate your catered event, make your guests feel special, and create a more positive overall impression of your event – be it a private party, a corporate event, or anything in between.

But the quality of action stations – and the professionals operating them – make a huge difference. If you’re interested in having one or more action stations at your event, make sure you talk to a caterer with plenty of reliable experience and expertise. An action station can make your event look and feel more interactive and professional – but if it’s not done right, it can have the opposite effect.

Talk to a reputable local caterer for more information about action stations, and good luck with your next catered event!