Best Dishes To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots

St Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in 1631 to honor Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland who died in the 5th Century. Also called “Feast Day”, it’s traditionally been a day where the Irish head to mass, watch a parade in honor of St Paddy, and eat Irish foods. Today, it’s more about the … Read more

Top 7 Functions of a Caterer

The duties surrounding a catering position may vary based on whether a caterer is self-employed or working for a catering company. Different types of caterers meet different needs for their clients. Regardless of who they work for or where they work from, they all share similar functions as they prepare and serve different food items … Read more

What Does Full-Service Catering Entail?

Catering refers to the provision of food and drinks to people at social gatherings, parties, or events. Professional catering companies adapt to the needs of their clients by sending chefs, waiting staff and other employees to the venue of your event to handle everything related to food service and guest satisfaction. They may also adjust … Read more

4 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

1. Is there any type of event you specialize in? There are a lot of different caterers out there, and if you live in a busy urban area, you can expect dozens of companies to choose from. Some of these caterers specialize in certain events, such as weddings or corporate parties. Others specialize in certain … Read more

3 Signs of an Unprofessional Caterer

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of people are more interested in collecting experiences instead of things these days. Catered events have always been popular, but now they’re more popular than ever. If you find yourself getting ready to organize a catered event, whether it’s a big corporate party or a small private get-together, … Read more

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