3 Things to Remember When Planning Your Catered Event

Have you forgotten anything this week? For most of us, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. There are so many things to remember these days, even with all this technology to (supposedly) make things easier. Luckily, most of the things we forget aren’t that big of a deal. If we forget something at the grocery store, we just have to turn around and come back.

Other things have a bit more of a pinch if they are forgotten. For instance, if you’re planning a catered event, and you forget to tell your caterer that an extra 50 people are showing up, it could be a significant problem for both you and your guests (and your caterer, who wants your event to be a success).

Actually, catered events are great example of the importance of being detailed and thorough in your planning and execution. If you’re planning a catered event anytime this year, here are three things you definitely want to remember.

1. Meteorologists aren’t always right

It’s amazing that technology allows us to predict the weather with even a moderate amount of accuracy, but local weather reports aren’t always right. It’s important that you and your caterer are on the same page in terms of what adjustments can be made in different kinds of weather. Preparing for different scenarios will make it much easier to make the event a success when the day actually arrives.

2. Not all caterers are the same

If your event is coming up soon, you probably want to hurry up and find a caterer so you can agree on the logistics and move on to the next thing. But this mindset often leads to problems on the day of the event — perhaps because the company you hired actually isn’t the most reputable, the most experienced, or the best equipped to handle your event. For this reason, it’s a smart move to put in a little more effort into the selection process.

3. You can’t please everyone

Even you provide a good array of menu options for different tastes, it’s almost certain that not everybody will be totally please with every aspect of the food, drinks, or catering service. Reputable caterers know this, but they also know that if they deliver where it counts, 99 out of 100 guests should be absolutely pleased and even impressed with the food, drinks and service.

Where do I turn for solutions?

Planning a catered event is exciting, but it can also be stressful. A reputable caterer will be able to gauge how much direct involvement you actually want — but it will also be important that caterer and client are on the same page in every respect. Those caterers with high average ratings on popular review sites, and those who have informative web sites and prompt communication styles, are far more likely to deliver where it counts. If you have a caterer who understands how to lead clients through a successful planning process (in terms of the catering), your event will be in very good hands.