4 Delectable Desserts to Consider for Your Catered Event

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So you’ve been planning your big (or small) event for some time, and the day has finally arrived. You and your caterer have put a lot of thought into the appetizers, the entrees, the beverages – but how much thought did you put into dessert? For some people, it’s an afterthought. Some of your guests who are more health-conscious, or who may be trying hard to get in shape, might skip dessert altogether.

Then again, you’ll probably have plenty of guests who are plenty interested in a refreshing dessert to complete the meal – especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Sadly, dessert ends up being an “afterthought” at many catered events. Not as much thought goes into dessert choices as other aspects of the menu. But there’s a strong argument for doing dessert the right way. Here are 4 simple but delectable dessert ideas for your next catered event.

1. New York style cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a succulent slice of cheesecake? It’s one of the best overall desserts out there, and although you might want to have a small piece if you’re watching you weight, it’s still a fantastic way to round out a meal. Try it with an espresso and you’ll be in dessert heaven!

2. Tiramisu

Italy gets credit for many of the world’s great pasta dishes, but it also gets credit for one of the best desserts! Tiramisu is a delectable and stimulating dessert that’s made by dipping ladyfingers in coffee and adding in layers of whipped eggs, mascarpone, sugar and cocoa. This is a simple yet sophisticated choice for dessert – your guests will love it.

3. Strawberry shortcake

If you’re having a summer style picnic, strawberry shortcake (done the right way) is a fantastic way to round things off. If your caterer is serving this type of cake at your event, make sure ahead of time that it’s made from scratch, using high quality ingredients – and of course, fresh and flavorful strawberries!

4. Fresh fruit platters

You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. For most people, this is a far-less guilty way to enjoy dessert. You may be full, and a big piece of cake may be out of the question, but freshening the palette with fresh fruits is always a good choice. A lot of people are more interested in health and weight loss goals these days, which makes fruit-based desserts a very popular choice.

Even if you skip dessert, don’t skimp on quality!

Professional catering is a huge industry with a lot of different companies competing for your business. How do you make the right call? Having a solid recommendation from a friend or family member is always good; but even if you have that, you’ll want to read some reviews of past clients to make sure the caterer is operating at a high professional level. Look for companies with organized and informative web sites, and good communication skills. It’s not always about find the rock bottom price – it’s about finding the best overall value, from the first time you make contact with a caterer to the moment when dessert is served at your event!