5 Great Ideas for Easter Celebration Catering

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With Easter just around the corner, people are preparing in earnest for the arrival of our favorite two-legged friend. Bringing laughter, joy, family, and chocolate together, all in one place.

With Easter usually comes a meal with family, which is usually full of Easter traditions like ham or Prime Rib. For those however who don’t have time to prepare a large meal for Easter, DRJ Catering is here to help.

If you’re looking for some advice this Easter holiday, here are five of our favorite catered dishes to cook, prepare and serve.

Pig Roasts

Pig roasts happen to be your, and our, most favorite and popular dish. Cooked with Love, an entire pig is cooked for several hours before being served by us as part of the full-service catering we include condiments, napkins, cutlery and more.

Honey ham on Easter table with eggs, flowers and decoration

Pig roasts tend to come with a variety of sides, though our famous baked beans and macaroni and cheese as well as a variety of cold salads such as Coleslaw or potato salad are a traditional accompaniment.

For dessert, you can enjoy ALL of the chocolate, from full-size cakes to cupcakes and cookies and even the odd Easter Bunny chocolate. If you’ve got kids in attendance, the dessert section of any pig roast is often their favorite part, particularly around Easter!

Roast Ham

Another favorite is our roasted ham. This is often slow-cooked with onions, garlic and veggies, sealed in a honey or maple syrup glaze part-way through the cooking process. This seals the juice in and ensures maximum tenderness. We can also do bone-in or boneless versions.

Stuffed Pork Loin

A close second to the ham is a smoked pork loin. This expert cut of pork can be stuffed with veggies and various spices and slow-cooked to leave a gorgeously tender dish. Side dishes accompanying are fresh asparagus, broccoli and garlic, peas and mushrooms, string beans or roasted potatoes.

Pasta Galore

For those who might prefer a meatless Easter dinner, you might prefer to enjoy the main course of cheese-stuffed Manicotti or stuffed shells, asparagus, garlic and roasted veggies. Keeping Easter vegetarian is sure to keep things interesting for everyone at the table.

Thinly Sliced Spiral Ham

For those who perhaps not in a full ham that’s been sealed with honey or maple syrup, you might prefer another Easter ham option – a spiral ham that is slowly cooked but thinly sliced is fantastic with a side of vegetables and rice or roast potatoes.

Here at DJR Catering, we offer a full catering service to celebrate any special occasion but have a particular fondness for all types of holiday gatherings. We even have a seafood option, for those who like to enjoy a fresh seafood feast at this time of year. This comes with a variety of seafood and is best served as a giant platter.

No matter your preference for an Easter meal, we’ll do our best to make sure that your family gathering is a joyous occasion with a beautifully catered meal. Give us a call DRJ Catering to book your Easter dinner.