Why You Need a Pig Roast For a Spring Dinner Celebration

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We are all very happy to see the back of Old Man Winter. With the coming of   Spring,  the lengthening of the day and blooming of the flowers in your garden, you may well be tempted to throw a celebratory Spring party. We at DRJ Catering can’t say that we blame you! We’d have one ourselves if we weren’t serving you yours.

If you are planning on having some sort of family get together to celebrate the Spring Equinox, look no further than DRJ Catering for all of your Spring meal needs.

One of the biggest sellers on our extensive list of menu options is our traditional pig roast. It’s no wonder either, a whole pig slow roasted cooked for several hours, so that the pork is so tender that it simply falls off the bone – what’s not to love?!

How to Create a Delicious Spring Pig Roast

pig roast for spring celebration

A traditional pig roast is your best bet for a large family gathering to celebrate Spring and along with it there are many other food options.

Options with the pig roasts range from grilled chicken to hamburgers and hotdogs, barbecue ribs and a variety of grilled fish – salmon, tuna and shrimp, as well as Mediterranean options like rice and shish kabobs.

A beautiful roasted pig, an assortment of options for sides include: baked beans, lemony coleslaw, and/or a fruit salad. Our traditional pig roast can also served with sides of hotdogs and hamburgers to make up our Pig Roast Plus menu.

Next up on our pig roast menu option is the South Pacific Pig Roast, served with Hawaiian coleslaw, coconut rice and grilled sweet and sour shrimp. Tropical fruit salad and coconut ice cream for dessert!

For those who are definitely into our pig roasts, there is an option to have your pig roast include a few sides of roasted vegetables and an assortment of roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes. Also on the menu is roasted veggies and asparagus.

Our traditional dessert menu for the pig roast is usually followed by a variety of ice cream options from traditional flavors to something a little bit special, like chocolate chip cookies or a combination of these are also available. We also offer our delicious chocolate cake and a variety of cookies and other delectable desserts.

Pig roasts are the perfect outdoor meal for lots of people. If you’re having a large family gathering that you want to have catered, there really isn’t a better option than any one of our pig roast options. It has all of the food you can imagine in one gorgeous meal. From the appetizers to the dessert, everything is exceptionally catered, so that you don’t just get a meal, you get an experience.

There’s no better way to Spring into the season than with DRJ Catering’s pig roast menu options. Place your DRJ Catering order today and help us to make your Spring celebration one you’ll remember forever, thanks to our delicious pig roast with all of the trappings.

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