5 Unusual Occasions for Hiring a Caterer

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We all know that weddings and corporate parties are two of most popular occasions for hiring a professional caterer; but there are a lot of other events where finding the right professional help can make a huge different. Here are five such events:

1. Movie openings

There are a lot of films and film productions out there. Not all of them are blockbusters, but they’re still important, and they’re still cause for celebration. These special occasions usually need some kind of refreshment, whether it’s just hors d’oeuvres and drinks or a full meal for special guests. This is definitely one event where you need a caterer who knows exactly what they’re doing.

2. Family reunions

The food at family reunions is important — in fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the food is a focal point of the whole gathering. How was the food prepared at your last reunion? For many, family members themselves prepare and serve the food. This can be a good approach if you have enough talented “caterers” in your family tree — but in many cases, it’s so much easier (and more liberating) to simply bring in a skilled professional who also has warmth and personality. This takes the pressure off and allows everybody to enjoy the party and catch up without worrying about kitchen duties.

3. Anniversaries

When couples have been together for a long time — whether it’s five years, ten years, or even fifty years — it’s cause for celebration. You want friends and family around to help you celebrate the union and bond that you’ve created. What better way to do that than a professionally catered party? People sometimes don’t think of anniversaries as the right time or place to bring in a caterer, but it’s actually a great option if you want to make beautiful memories out of this special occasion.

4. Grand openings

When a store or business opens, it’s cause for celebration. Whether you’re thinking about throwing a little party for your new sales team, or a big event open to the general public, you need a caterer who’s going to do things the right way. A crummy caterer can really affect your reputation, and start your grand opening party on the wrong note. You and your business don’t need that! As long as you choose your caterer carefully, your grand opening event should be a great success.

5. Graduation parties

Why handle all that cooking and serving yourself? Many parents choose to throw an “open house” for their daughter or son’s graduation from high school. Often times, friends and family members will pitch in to make the food and have everything read for guests — but this definitely adds stress, and takes away from your ability to enjoy the party and mingle with guests. A professional caterer (provided it’s a truly reputable one) can take stress out of the equation and deliver exceptional results (food and service) to make your graduation party really stand out.

Does your caterer have what it takes?

When researching catering companies for your event, it pays to work methodically and ask the right questions. If you rush through the process, the quality of your event may suffer in the end! Making the right choice means having peace of mind during the planning process, and having total confidence on the day of the event.