How Do You Know if Your Caterer is the Real Deal?

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If you think about the services and products where quality is most important – where you can’t afford mistakes being made – catering must be near the top of the list. Obviously there are casual events where your standards may not be so high, like a catered get together for friends. In that case, you might be able to grant a little leeway if your caterer makes a mistake. But when the event is truly important, like a wedding reception or corporate gathering, it’s crucial to have a caterer who handles their business professionally, efficiently, and with character. There’s no point having good food and professional service if the caterer does not bring any warmth or personality to the table.

Anyone who has organized a catered event in the past knows this to be true – but the question is, how do you know what kind of caterer you’re dealing with before you sign a contract? How do you know the company you’re working with is the real deal?

Your best indicator is always going to be what past clients have said about this caterer. There are plenty of sites out there where people review caterers, but the mains ones included Google, Facebook and Yelp. You might also want to check local business directories, or even ask the caterer for references of past clients you might be able to contact. And if a caterer is impatient or offended that you’re taking extra care to confirm their reputation, it probably isn’t someone you want to work with. Professional caterers know that your event is very important to you, and that you may even have anxiety about the big day. They’re going to do everything they can to help you build confidence in their reputation.

Knowing what kind of facilities and equipment the caterer is working with can also give you a good idea of whether they’re the real deal. Often times, web sites will have photos of the caterer’s headquarters and equipment. Basically, you want a company that has real facilities and modern equipment. For whatever reason, companies sometimes pop up in the catering industry who really don’t have the property tools or facilities to run a professional catering operation. And when this happens, experience is often lacking as well.

That’s another important point: Experience and training. Who will actually be working at your event, and how experienced are they in the world of catering? These are questions that people often forget to ask. You might talk to someone who is very knowledgeable and experienced as a caterer, only to find them absent on the big day. You need to make sure that your event isn’t going to be staffed by trainees or people who really don’t know what they’re doing.

So the next time you’re looking for a caterer to handle an event that’s important to you, take a close look at their web site and online reviews. When you contact them, don’t be afraid to ask tough questions – after all, that’s what building confidence in a caterer is all about. And when it comes to your important event, having confidence in your caterer is a must.