5 Vegetarian Options to Have at Your Catered Event That Everyone Can Enjoy

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Planning any kind of event is usually an overwhelming and time-consuming task. You want to ensure that everything goes according to plan and all details are considered. To avoid a lot of stress when planning your event, you need to consider hiring a professional catering company. The reason behind this is that they have all the required skills, experience, and expertise to prepare and serve the right meals for your guest.

When working together with your caterer to come up with a good menu for your guests, one issue that you will face is deciding the vegetarian options to include. If you will be inviting vegetarian guests, you want to offer them with an array of options. Luckily, this article is going to provide you with five examples of vegetarian options you need to have at your catered event that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Vegetarian spring rolls are incredible options because they are flexible and can thus be done in a wide variety of ways. They are crunchy and delicious, features that make them a great addition to any vegetarian type of meal. They are also easy to eat and make a savory meal for those events featuring Asian cuisine or international staples.

Depending on your preference, vegetarian spring rolls can be prepared using a wide array of ingredients such as carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, sesame seeds, cabbage, lettuce, and rice noodles. Vegetarian guests will mostly enjoy their spring roll meal if a dipping sauce is added on the side.

  1. Fruits Combination

Most events are all about abundance and visual appeal. Lucky for you, fruits do that pretty well. You can never go wrong with the shine and richness of fresh fruits. You can even have your caterer arrange different fruits in a way that makes them look beautiful and exotic.

Fruits come in a great variety and you cannot lack options to make delicious desserts. Although most desserts are vegetarian, fruits are fantastic vegan options.

  1. Risotto

International vegetarian options like risotto also make great choices for catered events. Risottos are hearty and delicious and thus appeal to a large mass of people. It is for this reason that you should consider having them at your catered event, more so if you will be inviting a couple of international guests. Risottos are delicious and universally recognized and just like seasonal vegetables; they can be consumed on their own as a full meal, or as a side dish.

  1. Seasonal Mixed Vegetables

Regardless of how they are prepared, mixed vegetables are always an incredible choice for those health-conscious individuals out there. Although they are usually considered a side dish, seasonal mixed vegetables can easily be consumed on their own.

Seasonal mixed vegetables can mean anything from normal leafy veggies, tomatoes, eggplants, spring onions, and okra. All these can be combined together to make a full meal or side dish in a variety of ways. Sautéed combinations or sophisticated stir-fries are examples of rich and colorful choices that everyone will enjoy at your event.

  1. Other Vegetarian Options to Consider

Vegetarian options are endless when you are looking to have a successful event. This is mostly so if you are in search of alternatives to replace meat dishes. You can easily replace meat by introducing vegetarian-friendly foods like mushrooms and tofu. These two have the texture and chewiness to offer a hearty dish that does not have any animal products. Some other foods that can be included are vegan Caesar’s salad, burgers, curries, and vegetable hotdogs and lasagna.

Planning any kind of event should be an incredible experience because it provides you the opportunity to have fun with friends and family on the big day. Since it is not every day that you get the chance to throw events, you want to ensure that the one you are planning to do is a memorable one. One issue that you will face when organizing an event is the food. You want to put all your guests, including vegetarians, into consideration. You do not want someone to go back home hungry just because they could not find the right food at your event. It is for this reason that we have provided you with some good vegetarian options to consider at your event. If you are still not able to get around it, consider working with a professional caterer, as they know the right vegetarian foods to include at your event.