Autumn Ideas for your Next Catered Event

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With Autumn in full swing, and winter just around the corner, dreams of an outdoor catered event might have to wait until the snow melts — unless, of course, you live in one of those areas where the sun shines all year.

The rest of us, however, might have to think about holding our catered events and parties indoors. But does that mean they have to be drab? Absolutely not! With the right kind of strategy and expertise, your indoor autumn event can be perfectly festive, cozy, bright, and exciting for all your guests.

But let’s be honest, that kind of party doesn’t happen automatically. We’ve all been to an indoor catered event that didn’t really leave a mark, and had us reaching for our coats long before we really should have. Here are three ways to avoid this kind of scenario, and make your autumn event stand out.

1. Classic Fall Flavors

You can probably name most the classic fall flavors off the top of your head: Cranberry, butternut, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, and so forth. But the last thing you want for your catered event is a “tired” or “conventional” use of these ingredients. There are innumerable ways to spice things up, and use those classic ingredients in ways that are exciting and fresh — without being too far “off the wall.” Good catering is all about balancing creativity and invention with reliable menu decisions that consistently please crowds. Finding a company who can do this might take a little digging, but it’s worth it.

2. Autumn decorations

The fall season is a great time to add seasonal design flourishes to your event, but it’s important to keep things tasteful and subtle! Piling up the tables with gourds and pumpkins might not really achieve the memorable effect you’re going for. In moderate doses, they can look great — alongside other fall accents like silver and gold dinnerware, fresh flowers, acorns, and warm fall colors. Creating a beautiful and attractive atmosphere at your event is much easier when you’ve got a caterer in your corner who has experience, knowledge, plenty of good ideas — and most of all, a collaborative style that reflects and enhances your own tastes.

3. The warming touch

Autumn is the perfect time of year for hot beverages — from ciders and chocolates to gourmet coffees and milled wines. Depending on the nature and timing of your event (as well as the other items on the menu) adding a selection of warming autumn beverages can be a terrific touch during these chilly months.

Autumn is a great time for catering!

You might be sad that summer is gone and the temperatures are falling, but catered events are a great way to live this magical season to fullest. By working with a qualified and experienced catering company, you’ll be able to express your own ideas and draw on professional experience to create an event that will stand out in the memory of your guests — whether it’s a wedding, company party, send-off, or even a catered thanksgiving meal.