5 Creative Baby Shower Catering Ideas

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Since a baby shower is a one-time occasion, it needs to be planned carefully and every detail needs to be handled in the right manner to make the event special and memorable.

Besides the invitations, decors, and gifts, everyone will be expecting good food and drinks, which are essential aspects of any party. It is also challenging to prepare all the food and serve guests by yourself, as it deprives you of the time and energy for enjoying your baby shower.

Professional catering service always comes to the rescue during such a special occasion as it ensures your guests are happy and satisfied. Not only does it save on time and budget, but also provides beautiful memories and experiences to your guests.

Banquet table full of fruits and berries an assortment
  1. Focus on the Theme of the Party

Most new parents always have a theme in mind that they will use to decorate the baby’s room. This makes it a good idea to stick with the theme when decorating the cake or a centerpiece that you would want to match with the newly decorated baby’s room. It is important for your chief caterer to have a good idea of your selected theme whether you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. The same can be reflected during food presentations, cutlery, and other items that will be used during the event.

  1. Serve a Wide Variety of Foods

It is a good idea to give your guests numerous options to choose from since people have their own tastes and preferences. Serve a wide variety of international foods while considering individuals with dietary restrictions to ensure everyone is well catered for. While a typical baby shower may include little finger foods and sandwiches, you can make your event special by choosing a wide array of flavors. Many guests usually take this opportunity to try out something new and they are more likely to appreciate what you serve them on the table.

  1. Add Non-Alcoholic and Boozy Details

It may seem natural to include a bottle of champagne and other non-alcoholic drinks to keep your guests entertained and hydrated. You can also include a game that creates a buzz such as having some of your guests drink a cup of wine out of a baby bottle. Although it may sound odd, doing this is one of the best ways you can engage your guests during a baby shower as everyone contemplates the arrival of a new baby. It is important to serve a variety of drinks including healthy options such as fresh juice to ensure all guests have something to drink.

  1. A Craving Table

It is also important to consider the mom-to-be when preparing food for the event. One of the best ways you can keep mom to be happy is by adding a craving table. A craving table is comprised of different kinds of foods that a mom-to-be may be craving. It is important to set the table with note cards explaining each food item to avoid spoiling her mood after taking a bite. You can choose to have a pickle tray with a ton of different styles and flavors to satisfy her cravings. Since the chief caterer may not be aware of what the new mom may crave, all you have to do is interview her before the event to get a good idea of what she might like.

  1.  An Epic Dessert Table

A dessert table is usually prepared when the event is about to end. One of the most interesting features of a dessert is that it sets the right mood for your guests by giving them something to look forward to. Some of the food options that you can set in your dessert table include fresh fruit, beautiful cake, cupcakes, and other small bites. You can also create some edible giveaways as an awesome way to end a food lover’s baby shower.

A baby shower can put a serious strain on your finances if you do not have a great plan in mind. It is also important to dedicate most of your time with your guests as well as the new parents to ensure they are satisfied and entertained. Because of this reason, it is a good idea to delegate the food preparation activities to a professional catering service so that they can handle everything for you. Not only does it save time and energy, but also gives a memorable experience to your guests by handling every detail in a professional manner.

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