Don’t Be Afraid to Book Outdoor Catering in Spring, Summer and Fall

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Planning an outdoor event is most popular during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. That’s simply because they are the perfect time of the year to gather with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, engagement, birthday, or just having a BBQ or picnic, there are unique challenges with outdoors catering with each season.

Outdoor Catering In Spring

When each day is growing longer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and winter is finally loosening its icy grip, that’s when outdoor activities and events begin increasing in popularity. Springtime is the perfect moment to start shaking off those winter blues and celebrate the new season with an outdoor party or spring gathering.

Buffet catering for a wedding party on the beach on a white table with a pink drapery

Temperate weather means you can host anything from fun outdoor food stations to casual barbeque to entertain and feed your guests. Your menu should always include some yummy springtime fruits and veggies such as strawberries, asparagus, and apricots. Lots of colors are the best way to get your spring party started in style.

When it comes to quenching thirsts, drinks can be flavor-infused waters like raspberry, cucumber, lime, and kiwi, and any other combinations you can think of. Refreshing treats for those over-21 might be anything from signature cocktails garnished with fresh fruit to a nice sangria bar, or even a few bottles of delicious champagne.

Outdoor Catering In Summer

When the summertime heat hits, that doesn’t mean outdoor events should be moved inside. Especially when you have outdoor venue options like gardens and parks, courtyards and backyards, or even rooftop decks and the beach. Just take the time to make sure you choose the right caterer, at the right venue, with the right layout.

Plus you need to take extra care that you design a cool summertime menu with food that really compliments the summer heat. Think more light, fresh, and seasonal foods, with less mayonnaise, seafood, and dairy. You certainly can’t go wrong with small dishes of grilled vegetables or fresh salads covered in yummy dressings, or seafood paired with fresh salsa.

There’s nothing better for a summertime vibe than an outdoor cookout, whether it’s grilled meats and basic hamburgers or New York Strip steaks and ribs. We can make sure that the food is cooked on time so it isn’t sitting out in the heat all day. Alternatively, we could prepare some small bite-sized meals like kebabs, with plenty of large helpings of cool salads and vegetables.

Outdoor Catering In Fall

Italian for fresh air, alfresco in Fall is always an excellent time to move your catered gathering outside. In fact, Fall has plenty of excuses for celebrating outside with both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus, everyone is always going football crazy, with tailgating party catering always high on the list of options this time of year.

Just as barbecues are often a popular choice in summer, there’s plenty of different types of food usually associated with autumn. Fall is the perfect time for all kinds of comfort food, from mac-n-cheese to yummy soups, and aromatic rotisserie chicken. All types of fruit are good this time of year, from fruit bowls to fruit punch, as well as any food that’s been baked with fruit inside.

Book Your Next Outdoor Event With DJR Catering

With DJR Catering you can be sure that your next outdoor event will be planned perfectly for whatever season you choose. Remember that no matter the season, a Plan B is always a good idea with outdoor events just in case the weather isn’t perfect. No matter what the weather does, DJR Catering will work together with you on your event, so the menu suits the expected weather on the day of your event.