Top Christmas Dishes for 2021

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The holiday season has come knocking, and it’s time to bust out the treats. So if you are planning a party this time around, choose your menu carefully. The right dishes play a crucial role in a Christmas setup. Even missing a single important dish can make the holiday feel incomplete for one of your guests. If you wish to leave them floored, hire a catering company to do the cooking for you. From the traditional mince pies to fresh ciders, here’s how you can celebrate this holiday season.

1.  Christmas Turkey

No holiday dinner is complete without a turkey roast- it is the quintessential Christmas food. The succulent meat, crisp turkey skin, and flavorful stuffing aren’t the main course without good reason. Caterers like DJR Catering even spit roast the meat to give it that unique smoky flavor. The result is a beautifully cooked bird with the juicy yet meaty texture you love so much.

Christmastime dinner with backed chicken, various of dish and traditional Christmas drink, champagne, New Year eve concept

PS Use the leftover turkey to make well-stuffed sandwiches the next day. They taste divine.

2.  Traditional Christmas Pudding

This rich holiday dish is a staple at the Christmas table and uses an elaborate number of ingredients. Though early recipes included egg, flour, and dried fruit, modern iterations are very decadent.

Today ingredients like aromatic spices, raisins, currants, molasses, rum, and more go into production. If you are unsure about making this sticky, sweet delight, you can hire professionals. Christmas caterers will be able to give your dinner that polish that it may otherwise lack.

3.  Mince Pie

Though called mincemeat, the pie filling contains no actual meat. Instead, the recipe uses a mixture of dried fruits and spices. The fragrance of aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg is what makes these pies so unique. When wrapped in a perfectly baked crusty pastry base, they are a treat for the ages.

For a taste that suits everyone, look for options that aren’t too sweet. Some mince pies come with more exotic notes like frangipani, so make your choice wisely.

4.  Light Wine

A bit of sparkling bubbly makes for a great appetizer. It helps mellow the mood and lets everyone savor the meal. Choose champagnes that are light and fruit-based. These notes go well with the dominant savory-sweet flavors of the menu.

Go for a good rose if you and your guests like that extra fizz. The berry notes are sure to go down well. It is a great idea to get an extra bottle or two just in case. You can always enjoy them later in the evening.

These are delicious dishes to make. But if you are extra busy this time around, you should have professionals prepare a Christmas dinner. Look up catering services that cook for you to handle the Christmas rush.