Top 5 Foods to Serve At A New Year’s Party

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New Year’s parties are the best, aren’t they? The music, the lights, and the drinks are essential for setting the mood. But one must not forget to have some fantastic food to accompany them.

New Year’s parties are not events that involve heavy dining. So, canapes and finger foods should be your go-to’s. They are easy to prepare and go well drinks. Have a few meat items and a few vegetarian ones alongside.

Also, adding a signature cocktail to the menu is sure to get a raving guest response. Here are some other items you should get for your New Year’s party.

1.  Glazed Meat Skewers

Skewers are a favorite for an only-drinks part. They are easy to prepare and consume.

Christmas Dinner. A table in the restaurant, served for two people, is ready for the New Year.

Your guests can easily hold their drinks in one hand and these skewers in the other. Simple ingredients like cherry tomatoes and cubed meat are very nice. After this, they are grilled and ready to serve. Caterers like DJR Catering do amazing spit roasts that can be skewered and served to your guests.

2.  Caramelized Onions and Nachos

No party is complete without a plate of nachos. Delicious, caramelized onions thrown on corn tortilla chips with melted cheese- what more could your guests want? Other flavors like lime juice, chopped red chilies, sour cream, and onions complete the mix.

The mixture of the flavors in the topping tastes heavenly against the smoky-tasting nachos.

3.  Mini Lobster Rolls

These lobster rolls are sure to give your party a little break from the usual fare. Mix mayonnaise, cayenne, chives, and finely diced celery. Combine them with the fresh lobster for the filling. After that, heat the mini roles are heated and insert the filling into them.

 For an aesthetic finish, chop some chives to sprinkle on top.

4.  Avocado Fries

Yes, you read that right. If you are skeptical about it, a bite will convince you otherwise. The naturally creamy fruit is mixed in the batter and grilled to make this dish.

Eggs, flour, salt, and paprika go into making the batter. Chunks of avocado are then mixed with tortilla crumbs and grilled over low flame. The result is a crunchy delight that goes well with a bit of hot sauce.

5.  Maple-Glazed Sausage Blinis

If you want your New Year’s party to be memorable, it’s time to bring out the guns.

The humble cocktail sausage gets a classy makeover in this canape. After preheating the oven, roast these sausages until golden brown and add the mustard and the trademark maple syrup to give it the glaze. After this, they are cut vertically and placed on warm blinis. A little extra glaze and a sprinkle of finely chopped chives finish the dish. Perfection!

Cooking by yourself is doable, but you have invited many people to hire a catering company. These professionals are efficient will whip you up something impressive in no time.