Can You Cater a School Reunion by Yourself?

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A school reunion is a special occasion that brings together former classmates after the anniversary of their graduation. It allows old friends and acquaintances to interact with one another once again even if they had moved far away. It is always a great opportunity for schoolmates to have fun and share their new experiences. However, it takes many hours of planning and thought to ensure everything runs smoothly during a school reunion. While it is possible to cater for a school reunion by yourself, you need to consider several things to make the event a success. This article looks at how you can cater for a school reunion by yourself.

How to Cater a School Reunion by Yourself

  • Get Organized Beforehand

The key to staying organized through the end is to plan everything while there is still time to think. You need to clarify the basics, which will include your budget, timeframe, number of guests, location, formality, and type of meals for the event. It is easier to establish a sort of party mission statement after finding the answers to all these questions as they guide you on the smaller decisions to come.

Take your time to list every ingredient you will need while consolidating items that are similar in every recipe. You can create a plan of action by making a calendar and assigning different tasks to a particular day. For instance, you can set aside days for equipment purchases, shopping trips, all the cooking, and other miscellaneous jobs. Your schedule should grow more detailed as the party gets closer.

  • Compose an Exciting Menu

It makes sense to serve a buffet if you will be expecting a large party since a seated dinner is more complicated. You need to choose simple dishes that would have a wide appeal to everyone attending the school reunion. Do some practice a few weeks before if you are considering adding a new recipe. Otherwise, have a backup plan to avoid embarrassments during the actual occasion. Look for recipes that have make-ahead components to have nearly everything prepared ahead of time. Some common examples include items like tomato sauces, stocks, cookie doughs, herb butter, and cake layers. Although it is essential to have an exciting menu, it is important to be realistic based on the number of guests that will be available as well as the budget set aside for the same.

  • Visit the Party Location

Whether you are holding the party in your own home or at a location near school, it is important to think of all the available equipment and tools in the site that can accommodate your proposed menu. Some of the things you need to examine include the oven and stovetop, refrigerator and freezer, and the functionality of the burners and broilers. Afterward, do a comprehensive inventory of tools by matching up what you will need against what exists.

If you will be grilling, check to see whether the location has a large-enough grill. If you do not find anything useful, consider renting one in advance to keep everything organized beforehand. It is also important to evaluate the serving area since the tables should be big enough for all the food. Designate sites for food preparation and storage, garnishing and arranging platters, stashing dirty plates, and disposing of trash.

  • Food Preparation

You can choose a few close friends to help you with cooking if you want to speed up the process. A simple strategy is to prepare and cook the food early. However, you should not do it so early as it would sag in appearance, flavor, and texture. Recipes can be deconstructed into small, do-ahead steps to make your work easier. If you want the food to look and taste fresh, make sure you assemble and garnish as late as possible. The garnishes can be planned and prepared in advance but you should not adorn the food until it is ready for serving.

  • Hire Help for the Actual Event

You will still need extra hands when it comes down to the actual event even if you decide to handle everything on your own. You can choose to hire a couple of servers or close friends to help you through the last day of prepping. If you must hire, consider hiring responsible people who can take direction and most importantly, give explicit and precise instructions on what needs to be done to make the event a success.

While you can cater for a school reunion by yourself, it is also important to enjoy the occasion if you will be celebrating the event with your schoolmates. It makes sense to delegate other duties to professional caterers, especially if you lack brilliant ideas on your menu options or preparing different recipes. Not only will the event be a success, but you will also get to enjoy the party with your friends and acquaintances.