The Best Summer Catering Food Ideas For Summer Parties

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Summer is always such an exciting time of the year, with sunny days that last longer than those short winter daylight hours, summer holidays, and catching up with friends. But if there’s one thing that tops anything else all year-round, it’s great food.

The best thing about summer is the delicious, fresh seasonal food that we love to munch on when the weather is warmer.

Forget boring old soups and pot pies, summer is a time for barbecues, salads and fruit!

And if you’re planning a summer party, we have some great ideas that’ll have everyone licking their lips as they dive into the pool.

3 Tips For Catering For Summer Parties

best summer time catering ideas
  1. The location of your party is one of the most important considerations for your guests and your food. You need to consider the time of day you’ll be hosting – how hot will it be, and will there be plenty of shade for your guests and food? Are people going to be fighting off mosquitos (at dusk) or flies (at lunch)? Check the weather forecast and choose the time for the party based on your local knowledge. Avoid holding it at the hottest part of the day
  2. Prepare as much food as possible ahead of time. Cold food is easier to prepare early, but you need to make sure you have enough fridge space to keep them – they should be kept at 40 F or below. If you do decide to serve hot foods, you want to be sure you keep the food above 140 F so you may need to prepare food in slow cookers in the day before, or day of, the party. Alternatively, you could prepare early and freeze items.
  3. Hire a professional catering company like DRJ to do the work for you. Summer parties are meant to be about having fun, and you don’t want to be stressed the entire time making sure everyone is fed – and there aren’t going to be leftovers for weeks. A professional caterer will provide all the food you need, serve it up for your guests, and they’ll even clean up before they leave. So, you can just sit back and relax with your friends.

What Food Is Best?

Honestly, you can serve anything in summer and people are going to love it, but it’s best you stick to food that is convenient. No one wants to spend 30 minutes washing grease off their hands when they could be swimming. Sushi or seafood are guaranteed winners in the warmer months – they’re easy to eat and they are great cold. There is also plenty of variety available to suit all palettes.

If that doesn’t suit your group of friends, you might start with some delicious cold appetizers, such as bruschetta, French canapes, fruit and cheese platters, and so on. For a main meal, you can’t go past ribs and burgers, pulled pork and smoked sausage, with sides like potato salad, coleslaw and pasta salad. There’s so much to choose from, but with the right catering assistance you can ensure you satisfy everyone’s hunger at the party.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with DRJ Catering today to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote for your summer party. We can’t wait to help you celebrate.