What Dishes Can Be Served At A Wedding In The Fall

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With cozy atmospheres, rich flavors, and warm hues, fall has become an increasingly popular time for people to get married. Fall weddings are all about embracing the rich color palette of the season to create the perfect backdrop to celebrate love.

As the temperature drops and  the leaves begin falling, as the season brings about change. What we feel like eating changes along with it, so that goes for food served at weddings as well.

Seasonal Flavors

If you’re planning on getting married during the cooler months of fall, consider a menu full of rich and seasonal flavors. From cozy appetizers to hearty main courses, and warm types of cocktails, all the dishes you choose should feature palate-pleasing flavors that are ubiquitous with the season.

fall catered wedding table with fall colors decor

Fall is famous for flavors that really stimulate the palette like pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, chutneys, rich sauces, artisanal cheeses, and a wide variety of root vegetables. There really are so many simple yet delicious foods that are not only perfectly paired with the season, but they also have that romantic vibe you want at a wedding.

Comfort Foods

Just like when the weather starts getting chillier at home, comfort food should definitely be on the menu at your fall wedding. Lean heavily on warmer foods like hearty salads and creamy soups, as well as rotisserie chicken, smoked pork, and other braised meats. Start by thinking how you can serve up some hearty, comforting, and family food that’s just like how grandma used to make, while making sure it’s done in a creative way.

Wood Fired

Who doesn’t love bonfires on cool, autumn nights? If the weather is looking good and your reception will be held outdoors, hire a catering service who can provide you with an open grill. That way, you can incorporate the aromas of freshly grilled steaks, sausages, fish, and burger patties, combined with all those vegetables smells to really create that down-home, family atmosphere. Wood-fired pizza stations and smoked meats like a brisket or pig roast are all incredibly popular in fall. All those warm fireside flavors on a charcoal grill, will be sure to keep your guests enthralled, especially when paired some local wines and craft beers to really bring out and complement the flavors. These wood-fired flavors and aromas are always portrayed so well in the cooler months, which helps you to create that authentic and memorable fall dining experience for all of your guests.

While your closest friends and family will certainly be there on your special day to watch you exchange vows, the wedding dance, and the bouquet toss, they’re also there to eat, drink, and be, well and merry! That’s why the food is easily one of the most important components of any wedding. As a full-service provider, DRJ Catering Services travel throughout Monmouth, New Jersey, and all over the tri-state area to ensure your fall wedding will be remembered for many, many years to come.