What Are Some Original Halloween Party Ideas?

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Trick or treat? Smell our feet! Or… give us something great to eat!

Halloween is an important ritual every year, where we invite our closest friends and family to dress up and party with us. We decorate our house, dress up in costumes, lay out the food, and have some candy ready at the door for trick or treaters. With that in mind, here are some creative options and other ideas to make this Halloween a scarily memorable event that people talk about well into next year.

Daunting Décor

The spooky season provides many cool opportunities for macabre yet fun twists on the average party or event, but first the décor must be on point to really set the mood.

Scary sausage mummies in dough with funny eyes on table
Jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs are always a traditional place to start, but there’s many new options out there too. Think of something recent for the theme, like Stranger Things, Among Us, or the new German TV show Dark to really get the party started. Just remember that the décor has to match the demographics, as you wouldn’t want to have Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing on the TV at a children’s Halloween party, right?

Outrageous Outfits

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that no party can ever be a Halloween party without costumes. If you have an overall theme for your party, it might help narrow down choices and make it easier for guests to decide. That being said, if you make it an open theme, the costumes they show up in will be that much more of a surprise! Hold a creepy costume contest with scary prizes for winners in a variety of different categories, from the funniest costume to the most realistic, and the scariest or the most original.

Terrifying Tournaments

It doesn’t matter how amazing the food and decorations are, your Halloween guests can only talk and eat so much, so you’ll need to have some ideas to keep them entertained. The costume contest and pumpkin carving are always a great way to start, just make sure the games and activities you choose to have will match your theme, if you have one. Scary eyeball ping pong is fun, and bobbing for apples carved into skulls work too, but how about a Spooky photo booth? You can either hire one, or set up some disposable or polaroid cameras on a corner table with some fun and scary props. You shouldn’t even need to tell your guests about it! They’ll work it out themselves, which is all part of the fun!

Eerie Edibles

Halloween food is always a central part of any Halloween party, which should be just as scary as your demonic decorations. Serve up some orange hummus with tortilla chips and some black bean dip for an appetizer, and rip the heads off gummy bears and put them in ice cubes for a scary drinks surprise. Get some labels for a range of different colored drinks, like “blood” for red drinks, “Black Death” for cola, and “Pumpkin Head” for orange. You’re really only limited by your imagination!

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