Top 7 Things to Look Out For When Hiring a Caterer for Your Corporate Lunch

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The process of planning a corporate lunch can be quite overwhelming. The reason behind this is that a lot goes into creating an excellent corporate lunch experience. You need an experienced caterer to make sure this happens. With many things to consider, your last concern ought to be whether your caterer will deliver for the event. This article gives tips to make choosing a caterer for your upcoming corporate lunch a breeze.

  1. Efficiency

A corporate lunch does not involve much because the guests have one agenda in mind; to get down to business and be done with it as soon as possible. As much as a great meal, quality service and a high sense of professionalism are important to a corporate lunch, the caterer should be highly efficient.

Сatering banquet table with different snacks and desserts
They should be able to execute guest orders almost immediately because prominent business icons do not like to be kept waiting. A caterer should use a double-sided buffet to reduce the amount of time the guest would have to wait to get the food.

  1. Great Meals

Great meals are part of any event, and a corporate lunch is no different. A great caterer should be able to present your corporate colleagues with quality meals, observing all hygienic considerations. They should also be able to address all the special dietary considerations like gluten-free, diabetes, Kosher, and so on. The quality of meals is a critical aspect because you do not want a caterer who ends up food poisoning your guests and inviting trouble to your doorstep.

  1. Level of Professionalism

A great caterer should observe the highest level of professionalism to match the seriousness of the event. A professional catering service should encompass appropriately dressed service people. They should also be courteous and patient enough when handling guest demands. They should also conduct their affairs quietly so that they do not interfere with the business presentations going on. They should also not keep moving around the stage or in a way that interrupts the speakers. No matter the type of food a caterer presents their guests, the quality of service is all they will remember.

  1. Fair Prices

The fact that a caterer presents you with great meals and quality service is not a reason enough for them to rip you off with insanely high prices. A great caterer should be able to explain to you the breakdown of the total cost.

  1. Customer Testimonials

Since you cannot tell a great caterer just by taking their word for it or by just looking at them, ensure to check their customer reviews and ratings. Testimonials play a big role in landing a great caterer since they give you an idea of what to expect of the caterer. Some positive comments and high customer service rating is a sign that the caterer provides some quality and satisfactory catering services. If the caterer does not have a website where you can read some of the reviews, then you can try asking some people what they think of the caterer’s services and from that, you can make up your mind.

  1. Experience of the Caterer

In your quest to verify their experience, you could ask for past event photos. From there, you can learn a lot about the nature of their services. This will be evident from the layout of the buffet and tables and chairs. Their style of decorations and linen will give you an idea of how the layout will look like. Lastly, you can tell if the wait staff is appropriately dressed or they need to change.

  1. Insurance 

Whether or not the caterer is insured is a critical question when it comes to dealing with sensitive things like food. This is because a slight mistake in food handling could result in food poisoning, and you do not want the blame falling squarely on your shoulders. When service staff is working with all manner of cutlery, accidents are imminent and when they do happen, you do not want to incur the expensive hospital bills.

Corporate lunches are a great opportunity to highlight your products and services to other players in the industry. It is also a great opportunity to bond and strengthen the existing as well as establish new connections. This, therefore, calls for some quality, professional, and highly efficient catering services. You do not want to disappoint your guests with some shoddy service and disgusting meals. When choosing a caterer for your corporate, only go for the best and do not take any excuses for mistakes. The best way of landing a great caterer is by vetting several caterers and checking for their insurance and customer reviews and ratings.