Top 6 Common Catering Misconceptions

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Catering has evolved and service providers have learned new ways to satisfy the needs of today’s market. Hiring professional catering services for your special event or occasion is a convenient and effective way to deliver the best guest experience. It can be fun and exciting as any other sector within the hospitality industry. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about catering that can give you a wrong impression of how you view the industry. This article debunks some of the common catering misconceptions that you should be aware of.

  1. Catering Services Take a Lot of Time

Many people assume that a catering service can take a lot of time setting up their equipment, preparing food, and serving the dishes to guests.

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Professional caterers are well trained to make every second count and how long they take to get things done may vary depending on the number of guests present. The time spent preparing and serving food will depend on whether the food is being prepared off-site or at the event. It is always important to have clear expectations of what services will be provided and consult with your chief caterer to understand the scheduling of events.

  1. A Buffet is Cheaper Than a Sit-Down Dinner

It is easy to be misled by the belief that a buffet is less expensive compared to a sit-down dinner. While this may sound somewhat true in various aspects, a buffet can turn out to be more expensive if you do not plan carefully. Although it works great for a large group, you tend to spend more on food since you cannot control the number of people who serve more than once to savor the extensive food line-up. Sit-down dinners usually have their portions controlled and may limit guests from getting second helpings.

  1. Catering is Just About the Food

For a long time, many people have known that caterers only prepare food and serve guests at an event. Many catering companies offer additional services such as decorating the venue, organizing floral centerpieces, and even entertainment. Professional caterers put a lot of hard work and commitment to providing a memorable experience by ensuring your guests are having a good time. The services offered by a catering service go beyond food preparation as they can always help with other aspects of your event.

  1. Catered Food and Restaurant Food are the Same

The food you order from a restaurant is quite different from what you may be served at a catered event. Most restaurant foods follow a particular standard that makes it easier to prepare food. It also requires less staff as they will be serving similar foods repeatedly during their shift. One of the significant benefits of catering services is that they customize the menu to meet the needs and preferences of their clients. Other catering companies create a memorable experience by allowing you to choose the plates and linens that will be used when serving food.

  1. You Will Run Out of Food if it is Catered

Professional caterers usually work with the number of guests and the amount of food calculated per head. This makes it less likely to run out of food, unlike if you were running the show on your own. While they may prepare additional food to ensure everyone is satisfied, it rarely comes to a point where people cannot find anything to eat at all. There is always something for everyone, whether you are watching your diet or you have an unwavering appetite.

  1. Minimal Servers Make it Less Expensive

It is common to think that employing fewer staff and servers can help you save on costs. It may seem a good idea theoretically, but it can be too expensive in reality. Your catering staff may not be flexible enough to adjust to unexpected circumstances. Hiring ample catering staff can prevent any glitches or delays during the event or party. Reducing the number of your wait staff increases the potential of long service delays, as they can be overwhelmed if things get out of hand.

Hiring a catering service is never a bad idea as long as you do your due diligence ahead of time. This involves reading the terms of service, comparing the menus, examining prices, and looking at quality reviews from other clients who have had an awesome experience with a reputable catering company. A good caterings service can make your event lively and memorable as they enhance guest experience and strive to make it as best as it can be.