4 Ways to Spot a Bad Caterer

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In every business and every industry, there are always a few bad apples. Often times, there are more than a few – that’s why online reviews have gained such importance in recent years. As people seek to make the most of their dollars, they turn to the experiences of other customers to determine whether or not a business is reputable and professional.

Nowhere is this more true than in the catering business. Catering is one area where people want to make absolutely sure they’re hiring a professional who knows their stuff, and has what it takes to exceed expectations across the board.

The question is, how do you sort through the mountain of catering options and find the best one for your event? In particular, how do you “weed out” caterers that simply aren’t prepared to give you the best value for the money? Here are 4 warning signs to keep in mind as you plan your event.

1. They have a disorganized web site

It’s true that designing a reasonably good looking web site is easy these days – but why do so many caterers still rely on outdated and disorganized web sites? After all, this is usually the first place people look for information on caterers. A trustworthy catering company will have a web site that is highly organized and rich with information about their services, including photography of various menu options and past events that were catered successfully.

2. The reviews are mixed at best

Reviews are important for any product or service these days, and that goes double for catering. When a caterer’s online reviews are consistently plagued with problems and unresolved complaints, it means that you could very well end up in the same boat.

3. They don’t get back to you right away

Everybody is busy these days – but when a catering company takes days or even weeks to return your emails or phone calls, they’re sending the wrong message entirely. True professionals are adept at managing new inquiries and existing client projects, and they never leave anybody waiting long for answers.

4. The fee structures are unclear

One of the most annoying things that can happen at the end of your catered even is a surprise bill with extra charges tacked on. Since when is this considered professional behavior? The best caterers will make their fees absolutely clear, and will absolutely honor their commitments – that’s part of what makes a great customer experience.

Your event deserves better!

The caterer you want for your important event is one that seeks to earn your trust, your business, and your positive feedback at every step during the process. There are a lot of folks out there who end up frustrated and unhappy with the performance of the caterer they hired – but this is often the result of a rushed selection process. When you’re in charge of organizing an event, it’s understandable to want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. However – carefully researching the catering options in your area, with an eye toward quality and professionalism, will pay off in the end.