Operation BBQ Relief Feeds Residents After Hurricane Mathew Hit North Carolina in Oct. 2016

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Operation BBQ Relief DRJ Catering pulled the smoker down to Fayetteville, North Carolina in October 2016 to work with this awesome group. They are a 100 percent non profit donation driven organization that feed people after natural disasters, they started after a small group of BBQ enthusiasts on their own started feeding people on their own dime after the Joplin Tornado outbreak a few years ago and has grown and most recently served their 1,000,000 th meal.

Here they are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OperationBBQRelief/
And this is their website: http://www.operationbbqrelief.org/

Hurricane Mathew hit North Carolina hard in October 2016 and caused mass flooding and destruction. Operation BBQ relief was there to help, they were founded when backyard BBQ enthusiasts from 8 states came together after the Joplin tornados in 2011, to serve good hot food to those who need it when disasters hit. Since then they have become a nation wide organization and have been to every major disaster throughout the country, including serving us here at the shore after Sandy hit. They are a non profit organization 100% funded by donations with every penny going to the relief effort. They have been to over 21 states and have now served over 1,000,000 meals.

When we heard they were being deployed to North Carolina, we towed our smoker down to Fayetteville to help in the efforts and from October 10-18th, 2016 we served 118,700 meals to those who had lost or been displaced from their homes as well as serving first responders and volunteers from the Manna Church who were kind enough to give Operation BBQ Relief a home to work from for the week.

In the week we were down there there was not one minute of the day that our smoker did not have 400 plus pounds of something smoking in it, from pork Butts to Pork Loin to green beans to Chicken, that smoker never stopped for 8 straight days.

It was an honor to have been a part of this effort and would do it again in a heartbeat. I can not say enough about Operation BBQ Relief. Please, when you have a second look them up and see how awesome they are for yourself.

Take a look at the pictures and videos from our time down there.

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