Best Dishes for Christmas Eve?

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Best Dishes for Christmas Eve?

Christmas is just around the corner; how did that happen? If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas yet, you probably should. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Christmas eve celebrations due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least begin researching what the best dishes might be for your family.

The Classic Christmas Dish

That would, of course, be a turkey. Roast turkey is usually accompanied by roasted potatoes, roasted veggies with various sauces, plus stuffing, and the usual Christmas cakes and pies made for a deliciously festive classic holiday meal.

Celebration holiday and togetherness near tree.

Doing Christmas Differently? That’s OK.

Christmas and winter are not usually the times of the year we associate with barbecuing or outdoor cooking of any kind whatsoever. However, if you are living in one of the Southern states, winter is a little different – certainly warmer than in other parts of the United States. Therefore, you might want to try something a little different for your Christmas eve get-together – an outdoor barbecue party!

For those who would rather DO something a little differently something like charcuterie is one of the options available or even a whole roast pig. Or you might opt for other options available for larger gatherings – such as a pig roast plus hamburgers, hot dogs, or any other traditional BBQ items as well as sides such as Baked Beans, freshly made coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese along with cornbread.

There’s also something for the people who don’t eat pork or beef – a seafood option. Massive platters of sushi, salmon, and shrimp are available. Or, if you’re out enjoying the finer weather (even in winter), barbecued seafood is available, too!

Other Options

Another popular option of non-Turkey Christmas is lamb. Particularly, a leg of lamb. This dish can be slow-cooked and glazed with honey and garlic to leave a succulent, rich taste that falls-off-the-bone.

For Vegans/Vegetarians

For those seeking a meat-free Christmas Eve dinner, there are plenty of options for you, too! You can have your traditional meatloaf – without the beef. Instead, opt for mushrooms and potato as a filling. Otherwise, turkey-tasting-tofu is another option for those who do not eat meat.

Hire A Chef!

Do you have too much on your plate (ha-ha funny) already this Christmas eve? Consider hiring a chef to cook your meals for you. DRJ Catering offers custom catering for any occasion, even over Christmas! Hiring a chef will take care of the food, and the catering and all you would have to worry about is having fun and relaxing with the family!

Whether you are eating meat or not, having a big gathering or small, Christmas is a special occasion. If you are want to make your life easier and enjoy the holiday get it catered by DRJ!

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