Benefits of Corporate Catering During the Pandemic

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COVID-19 isn’t something anyone prepared for, except, perhaps the World Health Organization, and even they struggled. With the rapid spread of Coronavirus throughout the world and a vast majority of the West in lockdown, the benefits of getting your food brought to you have never been more amplified, whether we’re talking Skip the Dishes or DRJ’s corporate catering.

Safety Is Paramount

Without meaning to sound alarmist, the threat of Coronavirus has left millions of people suddenly very afraid of large crowds and what people have and have not touched. You notice people a lot more. With DRJ’s corporate catering, there’s no more worry about leaving the office to buy half a dozen pizzas and encountering hundreds of people on your way who may or may not be vectors of an infectious disease.

Sandwiches on event catering. Street food ready to serve on a food stall
DRJ Catering takes the threat of Coronavirus very seriously and keeps up-to-date with the latest public health recommendations and regulations surrounding catered food.

Socially-Distanced, Pre-Prepared Meals Are The Way To Go

For those who are still going into the office every day, DRJ offers an outdoors alternative. This is ideal for those seeking to get out of their office environment and book an outdoor experience never to be forgotten.

Drop-Off Catering Options

For those who wish to keep their circle small, DRJ offers drop-off catering services. These options are potentially a money-saver for those who cannot afford to risk public interaction, but still want delicious food delivered straight to their door. It’s a great idea for anyone who works on a construction site or even in a retail environment.

Many Meal Options To Choose From

One thing about corporations is that special meals don’t always have to be dinners or lunches. DRJ Catering offers a variety of corporate services from Continental breakfast buffers to cold and hot lunch platters.

For those who love to have their lunches outside, there’s even a barbecue luncheon option, featuring all of your barbecue favorites like pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and more. Other options include a combination of a hot and cold buffet, complete with subs and salads. There’s also a gigantic tray of cookies offered, alongside cake and other desserts.

DRJ’s corporate catering will liven up an otherwise bland luncheon for you and your colleagues at work.

A Spirit Lifter

Corporate catering is also a spirit-lifter for a potentially low-morale corporation. COVID-19 has hit the business world really hard, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still light at the end of what seems like a perpetually dark tunnel. Nothing says “We’re all in this together” like a catered lunch, courtesy of DRJ. Lift all of your employees’ spirits, from the CFO to the young upstarts, catered lunches are a stress-free environment, a chance to reset and refresh your employees and help them deal with the stresses of a global pandemic.

Whether you are entertaining the tradies on a job site or ensuring the office morale stays at a high, there’s plenty of options available with a quality catering company like DJR.