What Dishes To Eat At A Party That Won’t Hurt Your Dietary Goals

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It is a fundamental fact of life- parties and diets don’t go well together.

We have all been there. You want to get in shape in time for an event, and you get invited to a party. You tell yourself you aren’t going to eat anything unhealthy. But flash forward to the party- you and your friend have finished off a bowl of nachos between you.

The reason for this is that a large amount of eating at parties is social. We do not munch on those too salty chips because we are hungry or we like it. It is because eating at parties is a way of joining the social environment around.

As a result, watching what to eat at parties can be a nightmare. Even so, here are things you could eat and still follow your diet.

1.  Homemade Salsa/ Guacamole

Healthy balanced diet

Dig in if the host has prepared some freshly chopped red salsa. A few whole-grain nachos topped with a whole lot of salsa can help maintain your diet. The fresh tomatoes mixed with coriander and onion are not only healthy but also taste good.

Guacamole can be healthy too, but make sure to check if they are store-bought or not. Even so, the healthy fats in the avocado do more good than bad.

Even as you are talking, have an eye on what you are eating. Conversing and eating means that you are sometimes unaware of how much food you are consuming.

2.  Fruit Plate/ Fruit Skewers

If a fruit plate comes your way, make sure to stock up. Chances are, most of them are seasonal and are rich in minerals. Aim for the fruits with lower sugar levels and take your time eating them. Be careful not to overindulge because despite being fiber-rich most fruits contain sugar. Watermelons are sweet but have high water content. They consist of up to 90% water, so you can eat them without worrying much about your diet.

Caterers like DJR Catering provide spit roasts that are tasty and healthy. A bit of the protein-rich meat will also help you feel full.

3.  Bloody Mary

These drinks are a common cure for hangovers. But the tomato juice-vodka mixture is surprisingly healthier than most other drinks. Tomatoes naturally contain the antioxidant lycopene that improves your cardiovascular system.

The tabasco sauce added for the kick helps indigestion. Aside from this, lemon, another key ingredient, is known to promote weight loss.

You can also nibble on the celery after you finish the drink. It keeps your mouth busy and helps distract you from cravings.

Bringing your healthy dish to the party is another way to eat healthily. Spruce up something healthy for yourself at home and present it to your host. Once it makes it to the buffet, you are free to load up on food you know healthy. Having a healthy meal at home before heading out makes it easier to resist junk food.

But if there are some things that you want to try, go ahead. Total restraint can do more harm than good. Only do so in moderation.

However, if you are the one hosting, hire a caterer. Check out caterers who make healthy party food to make sure your diet goes well, like DJR Catering!