Best Valentine’s Day Catering Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love for most folks. It’s full of chocolates in the shape of hearts and usually a bottle or two of wine and conversation over a home-cooked (or catered) dinner. However, for those who want to do something different from the usual for their Valentine’s Day meal – DRJ Catering offers a completely customizable, fully-catered, outdoor barbecue!

Even if you’re not spending Valentine’s Day with just your significant other – we can host a whole Valentine’s Day party for you, your significant other, and all of your friends – single or not! Given that it’s Valentine’s Day, we’ll put a loving spin on your outdoor barbecue, if a little romance is what you’re looking for. It’s possible for us to come with candles and fairy lights.

What Do We Offer for Food?

Young couple on date sitting eating salad

If you’re looking to cater a meal for that special someone, we have plenty of options to choose from. If they’re a pork person, we do a whole roasted pig, or various parts thereof. We also cook barbecue sausages as entrees. Pulled pork is another option.
If you’re not into pork, but prefer beef instead, we offer beef sausage links and our main beef course is a brisket – smoked low and slow over 14 hours over oak wood chips allowing the wood to really do its work in infusing the flavor into the meat. Brisket is a popular option for opulence on Valentine’s Day, paired with roasted potatoes and a healthy helping of vegetables, you’ll be dining in style this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not a fan of pork or beef and enjoy chicken instead, let us know! We do roasted whole chickens or thighs and wings, typically, as we have found that chicken breasts tend to dry out during the smoking process. All seasoned with spices and rubbed with oak and apples to give you a gorgeous golden coloring and delicious flavor.

For those who don’t like meat, we offer many seafood options,  From sushi boats to poached salmon, crab legs, oysters, grilled tuna steaks, mussels and shrimp. Fish is a fine replacement and a popular one among our Valentine’s Day guests.

All of these options are interchangeable and can be paired with one of our delicious sides. If you’re a vegetable person, then we offer all sorts of roasted vegetables, including roasted potatoes and honey-glazed carrots. Pair your fish with a  Caesar or garden salad.

Whether you’re getting together with a few friends for your Valentine’s Day, or simply spending the money on that someone special for a private event, DJR Catering is happy to help make this Valentine’s Day a special event that your significant other and you will never forget. Give us a call to review pricing, menu options and set up our service for February 14th! We promise to bring our best selves and be a quiet presence in facilitating a beautiful Valentine’s Day date.