What is a Pig Roast and How Can Professional Caterers Help?

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A pig roast entails a barbecue where you kill a whole pig, remove all its stomach contents, and roast it as whole over flames of fire for eating during a party, a get together or any other gathering. Usually, the stomach is slit open, filled with herbs like rosemary, coriander and other dry spices to give it flavor, then stitched to prevent the stuffing from falling off when the pig is rolled over during roasting. It is usually roasted for 4-8 hours. How fast it is cooked depends on the amount of temperature you subject it to and the amount of stuffing you put. Since a pig roast is quite tricky to pull off, it is advisable to hire a professional caterer so that you do not disappoint your already invited guests.

What Should I Look for in a Pig Roast Specialist?

  • Choosing the Right Pig

When it comes to a pig roast, a pig is not just a pig. You do not want to buy a very large pig that guests will not finish. The remaining pig would all go to waste and end up costing you unnecessary money. The ideal pig for roasting weighs around 60 pounds. It is advisable not to try to roast a pig that exceeds 60 pounds because a very large pig may never be cooked. You would be required to roast it overnight for it to be eaten the following day when it is cold. You do not want to feed your guests with a cold pig roast, because the fun is to eat it while it is still hot. Again, a younger pig is highly recommended since its meat is juicy. An old pig would make a very dry meat that is not juicy.

The good thing about hiring professionals is that they know the right pig to get depending on the occasion and the number of guests you have invited.

  • Pricing

Knowing where to get the right pig to roast for your occasion can prove to be very challenging. However, a local professional caterer will likely know where to get a good one, with much ease. This is because it is what they do for a living so this type of information is at their disposal. You will also enjoy discounts on the pig and the herbs since they buy in bulk. If you decide to buy one yourself, it is likely you will buy it at a relatively higher price than a professional caterer would.

  • Quality Meat

A professional caterer has the knowledge and experience in pig roasts.  It would be embarrassing to invite your guests and end up serving them meat that tastes awful. The pig is part of the main dish of the event. So ruining it means the whole event is ruined because without food, an event is not an event anymore. Caterers know the right process, the right herbs, the right flavors and for how long to roast the pig. After the pig is cooked, they know how to open it up, how to cut it into piece and the way they serve will be professional that your guests will enjoy. Deciding to roast it by yourself, there are chances of messing up, unless you have had enough experience in pig roasting.

  • Timeline

A pig roast is one very engaging process and deciding to do it yourself will prove very challenging. The time for roasting the pig alone can take you up to around 8 hours, without mentioning the time taken to prepare the fire, the stuffing, and opening it up after it is cooked. Unless you have the knowledge, it can take you longer than 8 hours. Imagine the embarrassment you can have when your guests have arrived but the pig is not ready yet. A professional caterer helps save you time since it is what they do.

  • Serving

A professional caterer will do the service work so well that your guests will be pleased. How well the pig pieces are cut and served will determine if your guests will enjoy the meat or not.

While pig roasting was considered a culture in some traditions, in some places it was just a normal delicacy that used to bring people together to celebrate over a meal. In ancient China, it was and is still roasted to bring luck when someone is starting a new venture. It has however gained popularity as a great delicacy to serve guests when they visit. To make it memorable, hire a professional caterer to help you prepare one that will make your guests happy and make them want to come back for more.