What Side Dishes are a Good Addition to a Pig Roast?

A pig roast entails a special occasion where a pig is roasted in an open pit or over an open flame until it is cooked to perfection. Since a pig is quite huge, the event entails a couple of friends and family members having fun during a family gathering, wedding, community gathering, or any other celebration. Since the roast will be the centerpiece of the meal, it makes sense to have side dishes and accompaniments to make the entire experience memorable for everyone. This article gives ideas that you should consider for side dishes as additions to a pig roast.

5 Ways to Use Leftovers from a Pig Roast

left over pig roast

Fall family affairs provide a fantastic opportunity to eat a lot without feeling guilty about any of it. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd of ten or a hundred, family gatherings always mean the need for lots of food. It’s perfectly normal, even if you’re the host, not to want to cook for dozens of people. … Read more

Fall Festival: Get A Pig Roast!

prepared pork on the plate

When it comes time to plan a big event, pig roasts are an affordable idea. It can feed crowds of people, and it can be cooked and served in a variety of ways. A pig roast creates a stunning visual element – not to mention the delicious aromas that come with the cooking! It’s a … Read more

Pig Roast For A Wedding In The Summer?

Decorated and roast suckling pig on a table on banquet at restaurant

Planning a wedding is one of life’s most stressful situations. In fact, Dartmouth University lists marriage in the top 10 of the life change index. That stress begins at the wedding planning stage which might go a long way to explain why so many people are choosing pig roasts for their summer wedding! As the … Read more

What is the Tastiest Part of a Pig?

Roasted Pork Butt Shoulder with Salt and Pepper

From the chops to the bacon to the fall-off-the-bone cuts of ham. You can try whatever cut you like, from whatever part of the pig you like – for those who love pork of any sort, it’s a dream come true. Sausages! Perhaps, for you, the best part of the pig is not in fact … Read more

What Can You Serve At a Pig Roast Party?

Vegetarian Options Some of the guests in a pig roast party might be veggies hence requiring a different course. This could entail some veggie burgers such as the bean spicy or winter vegetable ones. Another option to serve at this roast party would be veggie sausages hence ensuring that everyone in the party is properly … Read more

What Should I Look for in a Pig Roast Specialist?

Have you ever attended a professionally-catered pig roast? Maybe you’ve even organized such an event at some point in the past. It’s a hugely popular catering option, and this will continue to be true for a long time. Part of the appeal of a good pig roast is the festive atmosphere it creates. People love … Read more