3 Ways to Make Your Summer Gathering Stand Out

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One of the greatest gifts that summer offers us is the ideal weather for gathering with family and friends. Whether you feel the perfect summer gathering includes a barbeque or a more formal meal, hosting a summer event is the perfect way to bring people together and create quality memories that last.

When you want to host a perfect summer event, hiring a reputable caterer makes your responsibilities that much more enjoyable — and manageable. With that in mind, here are some ideas to make sure that your next summer gathering is the best it can be, for both you and your guests.

1. Start planning early

Good event planning is all about being meticulous and paying careful attention to to logistics, while being creative and fun at the same time. You definitely want to be “ahead of the game” when it comes to planning, and many people find it helpful to create a planning worksheet and schedule. This should include everything that needs to be ordered and decided, and when.

When it comes to booking your caterer, you want your decision to be made sooner than later — but you don’t want to rush it, either. Good research is essential in order to find the caterer who’s really going to make your event stand out. All of the other details will fall into place more easily — and a good caterer will leverage their experience to keep you on track and under budget.

2. Know your crowd

The food served at your event can make or break it — simple as that. Understanding your guest list, and working closely with your catering professional to create menus and options that leave everybody happy, is a key part of the event planning process. Older guests may prefer a milder food selection. Those concerned with specific food sensitivities will most likely prefer vegetarian or gluten-free options. Having at least a couple entrée selections on the menu will help you please the majority.

Additionally, going with a definite culinary “theme” will help your event stand out from others that make use of a simple buffet line and uninspiring dishes. It’s also worth thinking about how much time the average guest is going to spend at your event. Sit down entrees will take the most time, while buffets are quicker. All of these details will help you envision your guests and create a memorable experience.

3. Hire a quality caterer

We have to come back to this point, because it’s arguably the most important. No matter how much effort you pour into the event, it won’t come off without a hitch if your caterer is not up to par. A quality caterer will provide your guests with a delicious meal that will cause them to remember your event as a successful one. A great caterer will also present the meal in the most inviting way that will make your guests excited to eat. And the staff your caterer provides will provide your guests with an impeccable level service and professionalism. Choosing a reputable caterer — based on solid online feedback and recommendations from friends — is one thing that can truly save a lot of time, money and stress — and make your summer gathering stand out from the rest.