Apart From Turkey What Do You Cook Other Than That For Easter?

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Apart from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter is an integral holiday for many individuals. It is a time to come together as a family and reflect, catch up, and forge the way forward to enhancing family cohesion. As you do that, food takes center stage on this special day. Turkey enjoys lots of flavor as the main celebratory dish on most dinner tables in American culture. However, this time, you should take a break from the large bird and explore other options. This article explores alternative savories to Turkey to serve on Easter.


Seafood such as fish is a good alternative dish to serve on an Easter holiday. A roasted trout or salmon is a perfect replacement for meat provided by turkey. It is easier and takes much less time to roast and grill, compared to a large turkey.

Easter dinner can be anything you would like to eat as a family

All you need to do is soak it in a marinade made of good herbs, and from there it will only take a few minutes to grill and you do not have to spend the whole evening preparing it. For the ancient Christian and non-Christian communities, fish is associated with spiritual importance, meaning it can be great for this day.

Easter Bread

A richly baked bread is a perfect dish that helps bring out the ideal significance of the Easter holiday to Christians. To do away with the yeast taste and break the monotony of the common bread, mix the bread with dried nuts such as pomegranate and peanuts and some spicy herbs. Good examples of Easter breads include tsoureki and hot cross buns, from the rich Italian culture. You could also experiment with dried fruits such as oranges and apples and you will be surprised at how awed your guests will be.

Vegan Options

Another great way to replace turkey on the dinner table during Easter is by going vegan. It works perfectly for vegetarians. For instance, you could try squash stuffed with grains such as pomegranate or peanuts to add to the replaced proteins. Alternatively, you could also make some potato samosas with a variety of vegan stuffing and spices.


Ham comes with all the diverse flavors and savory juices to help invite the festive mood associated with the holiday. You can start by marinating the slices in a spicy sauce and then have them simmer in the oven to your desired doneness. Ham makes a perfect alternative to turkey since you can use the leftover slices to make sandwiches the following morning.


Desserts are a great alternative to the traditional Easter meals that grace the festive. Brightly colored and fruity flavored desserts help invite the festive mood and mark the onset of the oncoming spring season. A variety of teas such as lemon and hibiscus teas and coffees can be used to flush down the desserts as you enjoy the evening warmth from the fireplace.

Alternative Birds

Apart from taking the whole of your early evening or afternoon preparing it, turkey leaves you with lots of leftovers to handle, especially if you have many guests coming over. To avoid this inconvenience and take a break from the tradition, you can try other birds. A grilled or roasted chicken is a great option to go with. All you need is a great marinade made from spicy herbs and vegan stuffing such as sweet pepper and grains that may include cranberry, pomegranate and yellow corn.


Lamb is a perfect meat replacement for turkey for Easter dinners. Depending on the number of guests coming over, you can have the ribs arranged in a circular manner to resemble the shape of a crown. You can then make some accompaniments like vegetables and grains to go with the ribs. If you are not sure of how to make the crown, you can have your meat provider shape the crown for you so that you can jump straight into the cooking once it arrives.

With all the options available, what is not to love about the Easter holiday? All the above options are simple and only take a few minutes off your schedule. However, you find that most people do not really have the time or are not enthusiastic enough to try the recipes. This is where caterers come in to save you time and effort. This way, you can dedicate the saved time to catch up with your loved ones. Since caterers know where to get the ingredients, they will save you money because they are supplied at discounted market prices.