Fall Festival: Get A Pig Roast!

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When it comes time to plan a big event, pig roasts are an affordable idea. It can feed crowds of people, and it can be cooked and served in a variety of ways. A pig roast creates a stunning visual element – not to mention the delicious aromas that come with the cooking! It’s a versatile choice, and traditionally, it has been used for a variety of celebrations, including fall festivals!

The Pig Roast

Pig roasts are nothing new. In fact, in the US pig roasts originated in southern America and since colonial times, they have been a popular tradition all over the country.

Pig roasts are popular for everything, from modern celebrations to traditional events. They have a community feel, and the pig roast is often the centerpiece of the menu. It’s succulent, flavor-packed, and you can match it to a whole range of sides and sauces as well.

prepared pork on the plate

It Goes A Long Way

A pig roast can go a long way when you need to feed a huge crowd. A 125 pig can actually serve around 150 guests. If you are expecting a big turnout for your fall festival, a pig roast will fit the bill. Purchasing a whole pig provides a variety of cuts, whether people favor the fatty belly or the meat from the legs. You can pull it apart to make pulled pork sandwiches or sliders or chop it into slices.  If you add other items or sides to the menu you can complete the meal.

It’s An Affordable Choice

As far as catering options go, a pig roast is one of the most affordable choices when you need to serve a large number of people (or small). It is generally a lot more affordable than other catering options, simply because of how much meat you get. The bigger the piece, the better the value for money. When planning your budget, it’s also important that you include sides – these may or may not be included in the full price. Check for packages if you want to make life easier.

Someone Else Does The Work

Perhaps the greatest thing about a pig roast is that you can hire a catering company to do all the work for you! Not only will the company provide the pig, but they can bring the food, supplies, prepare everything, carve the pig, serve the guests, and clean up. There is no better way to celebrate a fall festival than that.

So, when you’re planning your fall festival, sit back, relax and let someone else do the cooking. A professional BBQ catering service will do all the work, while you enjoy the festival.

If you’re interested in hiring a pig roast company for your fall festival, get in touch with DRJ Catering to discuss your options.