How To Make Sure Mom Enjoys A Great Feast on Mother’s Day

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Mothers, they’re part of what makes us into the people we are today. All of us love our mothers, whether they’re our birth mothers, or second mothers, or even our mothers-in-law (well, hopefully!). We celebrate our mothers every day, but on Mother’s Day, we do a little extra- and there’s no better way to do that than with a huge feast to celebrate all of the good things your mom has done for you.

We at DRJ Catering can help. We’ll help prepare, organize and serve the greatest Mother’s Day feast your momma has ever seen. Here are some ways to make sure that your mother enjoys a feast that’s fit for the Queen that she most certainly is!

The Classic Mother’s Day Feast

Happy mother's day card

If your mother is the traditional sort, you don’t have to stray far from that with our classic roast turkey dish! This beautifully roasted turkey will be accompanied by an array of roasted vegetables, including carrots, asparagus, and broccoli. Roasted or mashed potatoes can accompany the veggies and meat – dressed delicately with rosemary and thyme. New York cheesecake is always a firm favorite, accompanied by a scoop of one of our many flavors of ice cream and chocolate mousse or tiramisu.

Pork, Instead of Beef, Chicken, or Turkey

Warmer spring weather sometimes brings with it the complete lack of desire for festive things of Christmas past. This leaves you with another option: pork! We can either offer a cut of ham or ribs, with all of the fixings that go with a turkey dinner. Or, we can offer a deliciously coated dish of pulled pork in barbecue sauce. Our pulled pork buns are among our party favorites, as the slow-cooked pork falls off the bone and is then shoved between two buns and butter. Delicious!

Mother’s Got A Sweet Tooth?

If your mother happens to have a sweet tooth, our extensive dessert menu is sure to satisfy her. We’ve got a delicious platter of all types of cookies to follow one of our Mother’s Day specials above, or some delicious ice cream – again, a variety of flavors are available – we also have cheesecake! You’ll be the darling child again in mother’s eyes if you present her with such sugar-high delectables.

No matter your reason for loving your mother, no matter the type of mother she might be to you – she’s still your mother – and as such, deserves only the best. DRJ Catering also loves our mothers and we want to give your mother a meal experience like no other. Book us in for your Mother’s Day celebrations today!