Best Catering Tips for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is a time of both celebration and reverence, of remembrance and reflection.  It is a time to sit solemnly, alone and it is also a time to gather with family and friends and remember those who made the ultimate for the country which we all share.

Memorial Day is, hopefully, a day of good weather and good times. This means that many choose to celebrate Memorial Day outside with their families, usually with a cookout. If you are one of these people who tend to observe  Memorial Day with a cookout, you’ll need the best catering company in the country to help you with all of the things that go into it.

DRJ Catering is pleased and proud to offer our services to you, as you celebrate the heroes that have given their lives for our country. We offer on-demand catering services with a wide variety of food options. Here are some of our tips for how to enjoy Memorial Day with our catered food.

large assortment of dishes on the food table at a picnic

Plan Ahead

It perhaps goes without saying, but for any and all large gatherings of people, you should plan ahead. Particularly if you’re getting a catered meal – we advise that you call and book us at least a month in advance That way, you’ll be guaranteed a spot over Memorial Day weekend. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind that your meal is covered, and our peace of mind that we know what’s expected. Our full menu is at your disposal, so take your pick! We’ll customize and cater to your specifications.

Go With The Barbecue

One of our customer favorites for Memorial Day is the barbecued menu! This can include our Southern Style Barbecue option, with juicy smoked chicken paired with Texas Style brisket, or our sumptuous barbecue pulled pork. As always, food on the barbecue is perfect for your Memorial Day cookout needs.

Seafood Options Are Another Classic

Another hit among our Memorial Day customers is our seafood options. These include grilled salmon, shrimp, tuna, or crab cakes. Roasted clams or even a whole steamed lobster (or several) are among your seafood options. Paella and prawns are our other options for our seafood menu. You can also start out with grilled salmon burgers, or seafood salad.

Delicious Memorial Day Desserts

There’s no better way to round off a celebratory meal than with a fantastic dessert. These are among our favorite things to prepare for our catered clients! Cakes galore can be – either chocolate or a MASSIVE piece of New York-style cheesecake, served alongside a scoop of ice cream and some tiramisu or chocolate mousse.

However you celebrate your Memorial Day, we will be there, ready to serve you! DRJ Catering has some incredible food options and can completely customize our menu to suit your needs. Whether you’re having a small, somber ceremonial meal (we will, of course, be as respectful as the occasion demands), or a large gathering with some old military friends, DRJ Catering has you covered. Your loved ones have had our backs, now we’ve got yours.