Best Tips For A Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner is a big occasion no matter where you celebrate it. Canadians in October, Americans in November… Europe, looking on bewildered. Thanksgiving dinners are also family occasions and today are used for exactly that purpose – a day to celebrate family and togetherness and being thankful for what we do have.

There are several components to a Thanksgiving dinner that are essential and DRJ Catering will get you all fixed up and ready to entertain your family, whether it be big or small.


The first part of any successful Thanksgiving dinner is the meat. Most people think of turkey or ham when they think of Thanksgiving, but whole roast pigs are also a popular option.

roast duck with potato dumplings and plums
That is until you try pig roasts, that’s right, whole pigs. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the meat and whether your choice is turkey, ham or a whole pig, it’s guaranteed to please.

You can generally choose from multiple different types of pig roast packages, too! Starting with a Backyard Pig Roast, where the whole pig is cooked right in your backyard, displayed at your home for an hour and then served to your guests with a choice of two dipping sauces. Or you might opt for a smoked pig roast, where the whole pig is hickory smoked. A “Pig Roast Plus” features a barbecued package, too, with hotdogs, hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw, etc. For a Hawaiian twist, the “South Pacific” roast is hard to beat.

A Good Old BBQ

For those seeking an alternative Thanksgiving dinner, a BBQ is a great idea. Say you’re having the whole family over, it’s a lovely weekend weather-wise and you’d like to celebrate outdoors… you could try a traditional barbecue that’s complete with hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, and so on. It’s a little different, but everyone will love it.

Try Hawaiian

For those not crazy about pork, you might prefer a Hawaiian Luau. Include delicious, customized and typically Hawaiian food such as Wakiki chicken, South Seas chicken skewers, Hawaiian meatballs, served with either many different types of rice and mixed vegetables, along with desserts like their tropical fruit salad, or macadamia tarts. Yum!

Mouth-watering Seafood

Another option you might consider this Thanksgiving is seafood. Whether you love grilled tuna or salmon, marinated and grilled shrimp, or crab cakes, add some calamari salad, seafood salad, roasted clams, fried shrimp, and so much more – and your guests will be delighted!

Stick To Traditions

If you prefer to stick to the traditional meals, you’ll be looking at turkey – which is the most common Thanksgiving food. And make sure you include some of the most common and popular sides, including mashed potatoes, cornbread and stuffing. Other sides include butternut squash – a fall favourite; and let’s not forget to throw in a pumpkin pie or other pie dessert into the mix to fill your guests, if the main course wasn’t enough!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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