Pig Roast For A Wedding In The Summer?

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Planning a wedding is one of life’s most stressful situations. In fact, Dartmouth University lists marriage in the top 10 of the life change index. That stress begins at the wedding planning stage which might go a long way to explain why so many people are choosing pig roasts for their summer wedding! As the world returns to normal, it is time to plan exciting experiences. In this case, your wedding reception is the perfect place to start.

The Perfect Outdoor Menu

It doesn’t matter what type of crowd you are dealing with, there’s something about a pig roast that draws everyone into the excitement. It’s a delicious meal that can be cooked, displayed, and served outdoors. It’s also suitable for any venue. You may have seen a pig roast crop up at a restaurant or food festival, but a pig roast can be set up at a wedding venue or even in a backyard.

Decorated and roast suckling pig on a table on banquet at restaurant

So, if you’re worried about your venue minimizing your options, you don’t need to worry about a pig roast. It’s ideal for any setting and any occasion.

Why You Should Choose A Pig Roast

If you are not sure whether a pig roast is right for you or not, consider this…

  • It’s stress-free! You don’t have to do anything, you just call the caterer, tell them what you want, and watch it unfold before you. Your caterer should also have a wide range of sides and desserts to offer. It isn’t just a pig roast you order, it’s the whole package.
  • If you are planning a more laid-back wedding, then a pig roast fits that theme perfectly.
  • A pig roast goes a long way so opting for this will allow you to heartily fill a crowd.
  • You will never get the same hog roast twice. Every caterer offers different options so you have an opportunity to choose something truly unique.

If you are interested in booking a pig roast for your summer wedding or just because then contact DRJ Catering to discuss your options. With a range of packages to choose from and sides galore, yours is a feast that is sure to excite even the fussiest of guests.