Should you Hire a Caterer for Sushi?

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When you think of hosting a catered get-together for your friends or family (or maybe it’s a corporate function, or a formal event like a wedding reception), what kind of cuisine do you think about? The first thing that pops into your mind will probably be standard BBQ fare for informal events, or perhaps something like steak and seafood for a more formal event.

One thing many people don’t actually think about is sushi. And why would they? It doesn’t seem like a traditional catering option, but rather something you have to get from a specialty sushi restaurant. Even though the popularity of sushi has skyrocketed in recent years, it’s not something that most people associate with catering.

That’s probably because they haven’t had first hand experience of a really good caterer serving really good sushi. After all, the last thing you want is to offer sushi at your event, only to leave a negative impression on the minds of your guests because the food didn’t reach a very high level of quality.

If you look to Japan – the source of sushi – you’ll find that high level sushi chefs undergo difficult apprenticeships that last years. That’s who they acquire the precision and skill needed to turn out really good sushi. And that’s assuming they have access to fresh, high quality fish.

It’s no wonder, then, that people are often disappointed when a caterer or restaurant serves them sushi that isn’t very good. The ingredients don’t taste fresh. The rolls aren’t properly prepared, and they fall apart when you try to eat them. This is not the kind of sushi experience you’d want the guests at your catered event to remember.

But what if you could have high quality sushi prepared and served by your caterer? Would you choose if over other menu options or types of cuisine? For a lot of people, the answer is yes. The trick is being able to trust that your caterer will do an excellent job and deliver a great sushi experience for you and your guests.

The question of whether or not you should hire a caterer for sushi really depends on one central question: Is there a caterer in your area who serves sushi and does it well?

There are couple of things to look for as you seek answers to this question. First, does the caterer offer potential customers to come in and try some of the sushi? This is a great indicator of quality, and gives you at least some peace of mind that the sushi will be competently prepared. Another sign of a professional approach to catered sushi is the option to have a sushi chef on site at your event, who will prepare items to order. This may not be the option you choose, but it’s another indicator of quality.

Finally, look for a caterer that has vibrant photography of the sushi platters it has prepared for past events, along with a full list of the different types of sushi on offer.

Don’t rule out sushi for your next catered event – but make sure it lives up to the hype! Contact a caterer near you for more information on what’s available in your area.

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