The Ultimate Summer Party Checklist

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Summer is best for fun parties with delicious food, amazing drinks and having a great time with your friends and family.

Whether it’s your kid’s birthday party, the first BBQ of the season, or starting a new summer tradition, host guests in style with these favorite fan recipes, drinks, décor and party planning tips. Add a seasonal theme for a creative twist to your party that will make your family and friends coming back for more.

Choose A Venue

Summer is ideal for outdoor parties – whether it’s your backyard lawn, patio, or terrace. Let your guests enjoy the summer sun, but make sure to set up a tent or some table umbrellas in case it gets too hot.

tasted picnic on the grass near a lake
  • Have separate sections for dining and lounging to prevent the space from getting too cramped up.
  • To keep it simple, you can decorate the setting with plants and fresh flowers for a tropical vibe.
  • Good lighting always helps. Rope lights or string lights come in handy because they are versatile and can be strung in various patterns.

Themes and Décor

Make your party even more fun by giving it a theme-inspired setting and deciding on the decorations, furniture and food based on the theme. DRJ Catering can help you organize the furniture and the children’s entertainment apart from their Catering services for your perfect theme party.

  • BBQ party– You can never go wrong with a classic BBQ party. Make it country-style with sunflowers, mason jars and a plaid tablecloth. Keep outdoor mattresses to unwind and relax in between the grilling sessions.
  • Beach or Pool Party- If you have a pool near your backyard or live close to a beach, you can host your party just by it, with a DIY tropical-inspired theme for keeping up with the theme. Set up beach chairs and serve from DRJ’s delicious seafood range.
  • Backyard Dinner Party- You can customize the décor according to your taste by using candles, flowers and some background music to set the mood.

How to Be A Good Host

  • Be considerate of your guests’ dietary needs. While giving out invites, ask for any food allergies or specific preferences.
  • Create a perfect summer playlist for your party by asking guests to check in with their favorite songs.
  • Arrange for fun activities to keep the kids busy.

Above all, make sure you too are having fun at your party. Don’t get too consumed with the planning and executing that it ends up making you an unavailable host. Take the time to eat, drink and talk to your friends and family.

The Perfect Summer Menu

Sides and Appetizers –

Start off with some potato, macaroni, and veggie salad along with some lemony coleslaw. You can keep a nacho platter handy alongside some baked beans, dips and guacamole. French fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets are also great party munchies.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can try   shrimp cocktail. Or you can keep an assorted kebab platter for the spice lovers. Make sure to keep some healthy and vegan options for the picky eaters.

Mains – 

For your BBQ, hot dogs and classic hamburgers are a must.  Go for a classic steak medium rare, hot buffalo wings, pork ribs and crusted rack of lamb for the meat lovers and perhaps some grilled chicken with salad for the light eaters. DRJ’s whole pig roast is also a great bet at parties. Keep some vegan-friendly options as well with veggie burgers, grilled vegetables and mushrooms.

Desserts –

Summer is primarily a time for fruity options so go with Fresh fruit custard with cream or with a nice side of apple pie or lemon and raspberry tarts. Chocolate cake, cheesecake, sizzling brownies with ice cream are a staple as well as a fun Sundae bar.

Drinks –

Keep it simple and stock up a lot of wine and beers. Mix it up with tropical cocktails, margaritas, mimosas and sangrias.

If you need help customizing a menu that would make your party much more special and unique, get in touch with our team today!