The Top Memorial Day Catering Ideas for You

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Memorial Day is a time for remembering the heroes of our great nation. To do this, many of us also enjoy spending time with friends and family and, of course, putting on a good Barbecue spread. If you’re looking for ideas for this holiday weekend, here are some of our favorites:

Make your BBQ Even Better!

After the 4th of July (68%), Memorial Day (56%) is the most popular occasion for a barbecue.

Southern Style BBQ remains one of the classic options. You can try out classic Texas Style brisket or pulled pork and ribs along with some juicy smoked chicken. Served along without different homemade bbq sauces and rubs.

Memorial Day catering ideas

Or, you can try the Hawaiian Luau Barbecue,  which will make you feel like you are in hawaii. The whole pig roast is also a favorite.

You can pair your BBQ with sides like Baked beans, potato salads, corn on the cob, a nice coleslaw salad, some mac n cheese or even rice.

You can’t go wrong with a good old bacon cheeseburger or grilled hotdogs. Your kids are going to love it.

Try Seafood

If you feel like experimenting a little, try a seafood barbecue. You can choose from grilled salmon or tuna, shrimps, crab cakes, roasted clams or steamed lobsters.

Grilled salmon or tuna are a great choice.  Or you can put that grilled salmon in between 2 buns, and voila! You have a salmon burger. Want to do something more? Grill up some oysters and enrich them with spicy chorizo butter.

Who doesn’t like some delicious shrimp cocktail? Make them even better by adding bacon and some chili garlic oil. You can also try a sushi spread with a variety of fishes and shrimp if you are feeling a little fancy.

Choose from seafood kebabs, paella, lobsters, or prawns, for something a little different

Entrees Go Right In With BBQ Sauce

Try anything from pasta, seafood, poultry or other meat. Mix it up with meatballs, grilled chicken or the classic   steak – and some delicious BBQ sauce. Pair them with sides like mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, salads, veggies and assorted cheeses.

Get a few dips and sauces to go with your dishes. These go straight from the grill and the pan into your stomach, and suddenly you find yourself in food heaven. DRJ Catering has various options that you can add to your party with some old school classics and some newer dishes.

What About Dessert?

You can never go wrong with a good dessert. Finish off your meal with a good old New York-style cheesecake or chocolate cake. Get some tiramisu or a chocolate mousse. Serve these with a scoop of nice ice cream, and everybody goes home happy.

Celebrate Memorial Day with loved ones with a special menu. If you need some help with the catering, DRJ Catering has a wide range of selections. Choose from what we offer, or you can make your custom menu.